Wednesday 11 May 2011

John abraham diet and workout chart

Nutrition Step by step guideJohn is a vegetarian, and it is very difficult to get protein sources in a veg diet. So we went strict on soya, sprouts and whey protein to recover his protein requirements. His diet consists of six meals a day. Each meal with carbohydrates (to gain weight),  protein and a small amount of fibre.
Protein sourceVeg — milk, curd, sprouts, different pulses, soya and whey protein supplement
Non-veg — chicken, fish, and egg whites
CarbohydratesPotato, sweet potato, corn grains, jowar, bajra, nachni and wheat
All salads, broccoli, papaya, musk melon, apple, orange, sweet lime — whole fruits not just juice, and green vegetables
Daily meal routine
8 am- Black coffee/green tea, four eggwhites/1 potato (sweet potato/corn/wheat flakes/brown bread) / one apple
10:30 am- Whey protein or milk and water mixed in equal volumes
1pm- Chicken or fish boiled or grilled with roti or brown bread. Veg- sprouts, sabji, dal, curd, roti, and one carrot
4pm- Black coffee/green tea, four egg whites, mashed potato, apple, orange, sweet lime or papaya
7pm- Whey protein or milk and water mixed in equal volumes
10pm- Boiled fish, chicken or egg (bhurji / omelette) with roti or 2-3 whole wheat bread slices
Avoid Maida products, sweets, oily food and rice.
Vinod Channa decodes Abraham’s routine
Chest and Triceps: Warm up, Bench press — incline and decline both — 3 sets, 15 repetitions, to use maximum weight so that third repetition is automatically 12 reps only
Dbl fly: parallel bar/dips, bar two sets, 15 repetitions
Triceps push down: 3 sets, 15 repetitions, to use maximum weight so that third repetition is automatically 12 reps only
Triceps both hands dumbbell triceps and triceps kick back two set, 15 reps
Back and abs: Bend over barbell row four sets, 15 reps
One hand DBL row two sets, 15 reps
Lat (for wings) pull down
2 sets, 15 repetitions
Shrugs (for collar muscles)
3 sets, 15 repetitions
Dead lift or back extension
3 sets, 15 repetitions
Abdominal workout
Crunches and leg raises
3 sets, 15 reps
Cardio: Abdominal workout
Crunches and leg raises
3 sets, 15 reps
30 minutes of jogging
Legs: This is the main workout.
Squatting – 4 sets, 15 reps
Lunges 2 sets, 15 reps
Step up/ leg press — two sets, 15 reps
Leg Curl – 3 sets, 15 reps.
Sitting and Standing calf raises — 3 sets, 15 reps
Shoulder /biceps
Shoulder overhead press — 3 sets, 15 reps
Side lateral raises – 4 sets, 15 reps
Rear deltoid exercise — 2 sets, 15 reps
Bicep curl with barbell — 3 sets, 15 reps
Alternate dumbbell curl — 2 sets, 15 reps
Hammer curl — 2 sets, 15 reps
Abdominal workout
Crunches and leg raises — 3 sets, 15 reps
30 minutes of jogging
SundayDay of rest

Sunday 8 May 2011

A to Z of computers

This section would contain all the terms that would relate to the nook and corner of this computing world. I came up with this idea keeping in mind that it has become mandatory that everybody knows at least the very basic terms related to the computers. I will try and update as many terms as possible and promise you that this will be of at most use to you. Anticipating your comments and feedbacks. I will take the lauds to the heart and the corrections to the brain. Be my side always.... Thank you

First post

ABEND -  Abnormal Ending : The termination of processing due to a program or system fault.
ABORT - To terminate a process before completion.
ABS - ABSolute Value of n : The term used by many spreadsheet and database applications to return the absolute value of a number.
ACC - It stands for Accumulator and  Accuracy control Characters.
ACCELERATOR CHIP - The main driver of a video card, a chip that speeds the processing of graphics data.
ACCESS - To call up or activate for use. A computer system may contain a variety of programs and data files, but none are active or ready for use until called up by the operation or a program routine.
ACCESS CODE - The user name or security code required to use a computer, a particular program, or certain files.
ACCESS TIME - The interval between a request for data from storage by the computer and the moment when it is available to the user.
ACCOUNTING CHECK - A routine to assure that data has been entered and processed accurately.
ACCUMULATOR - The computer register which stores the intermediate results of arithmetical and logical operations.
ACCURACY CONTROL CHARACTER - A special character used to signal that transmitted data is faulty or unsuited to a particular device.
ACOUSTIC COUPLER - A device for connecting the computer to a telephone hand set to allow transmission of computer data over the telephone lines when a more direct connection is not available.
ACTIVE DOCUMENT - A document that is currently available to manipulation by the user.
ACTIVE FILE - A computer file available to the user or the computer for processing.
ACTIVE MATRIX - A type of LCD computer screen display that is constantly refreshed by means of transistors embedded in the screen.
ACTIVE WINDOW - In a system that allows viewing of multiple documents or programs on the screen, the document or window that is currently selected and available to the user is the Active window.
ADAPTER - Any hardware device or software routine that makes disparate hardware or software elements compatible.
ADAPTIVE SYSTEM - A computer program that "learns" by maintaining a record of its activity and revising subsequent actions.
ADD-ON - A hardware or software supplement that serves to enhance performance of an existing program or device.
ADD-ON CARD - A removable computer circuit board used to control a peripheral device such as a parallel or serial port, a game port, a scanner, or accelerated video.
ADDRESS - A number used to identify a specific location in computer storage.
ADDRESSING - A program instruction for assigning a memory location to a command or data.
ADDRESSING CAPACITY - A reference to the memory available for running programs, accessing data and performing other functions.
ADVANCED POWER MANAGEMENT - A feature designed to save power in many newer computers that powers the screen and, in some cases, the hard drive when input has been suspended for a set interval.
ALGORITHM - A set of precise instructions for performing a specific task and that must have a finite number of steps and a definite stopping place.