Friday, 10 March 2017

LOGAN - The Farewell

                                                                The word “Media Franchise” is a popular term in the Hollywood for more than obvious reasons for they could create a strong feeling of identity and ownership in its consumers. As with these series are concerned, nobody will be able to tell you as to how much of a sequence of movie of the same franchise is too much. The Wolverine, sixth installment in the X-Men Series is one such a franchise whose final part “Logan” hit the screens on the 3rd of March, 2017. This third and final film solely focusing on Wolverine is the last in the series and this re-view is going to take you through the film virtually to find it was as be-fitting as it could get.

                                                        The Series was always popular partially for its lead star “Hugh Jackman” who made it look like nobody else could have done the role much better than he did. He has donned the character so flawless that “Wolverine” and “Hugh Jackman” can be used inter-changeably. The plot revolves around “Logan”, formerly known as “Wolverine” who works as a Chauffer and hustling for prescription drugs in Texas. Logan lives with Caliban in an abandoned metal plant on the outskirts of Mexico, where they together take care of Professor Charles Xavier who suffers a neurodegenerative disease. A nurse of the biotechnology corporation “Alkali-Transigen” approaches Logan wanting to escort her and an eleven years old girl named “Laura” to a place called Eden which he refuses on her face. After repeated approach, Logan approves to escort them and when he arrives to pick them up, finds her murdered and takes Laura with him. The “Reavers” are also in look out for Laura and they start attacking Logan’s habitat when they discover that Laura is already taken by Logan. Story then unwinds to present the audience as to how Logan discovers Laura is his mutant child and what efforts he takes to protect everybody he cares in a way no other movies could be matched.

                                                            It is often told that a Hero is somebody who leads from the front and Hugh Jackman as the lead does it to perfection. He has much understood that this movie travels along a thin line between him doing over and over-doing the character. Hugh looks like an absolute fit for this series of Wolverine. The body-language he carries though-out the movie will win accolades. He has delivered his character with absolute ease although he had to go through numerous torments which go unnoticed. Well-built, tall and handsome nevertheless to say, he also has put in a lot of efforts to switch between the wild Wolverine and care-free Logan which normally a lot of actors mess up. Hugh has done some terrific stunt sequences which is quite breath-taking and drags you to the edge of the seat a fewer times. He is obviously a crowd puller and could not have asked more from the actor for his meticulous performance in this movie yet again.

                                                            Dafne Keen as Laura in the movie is definitely an icing on the cake. She definitely is the find of the year yet for her mind-blowing acting sequences and carrying herself on the screen effortlessly brilliant. Her portions with Logan has come out adorable on screen and captivates the audience quite well. Her effortless acting and the ability to make it count is much appreciable. Her efforts in few fight sequences are worth a galore. The ability to act fearlessly in front of one such a big team needs balls of steel and she has done a commendable job. She has a long way to go in the industry and is evident without a pinch of doubt.

                                                            Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce is the head of security and leader of Reavers, who did a commendable job of a staunch antagonist. He tries to match Hugh in many an aspect with his stupendous performance.  He stands out with his exuberant performance and gritty body language. Patrick Stewart as Professor X acts like how a world’s most powerful Telepath and founder of the X-Men does. He carries a sweet role in the movie and with his performance he makes it sweeter as much; absolutely flawless performance. Other notable performances from Stephan Merchant, Richard Grant and Elizabeth Rodriguez makes this movie worthy-a-watch. Mangold has hit gold with his casting.

                                                            Marco Beltrami wins it hands down with the Composition. Some terrific background score for the fight sequences is commendable. Music elevates the narration to the next level and serves much better when viewed in a theatre that reflects good acoustics. The composition towards the climax is sensible and prevents any kind of jarring effect that any super-hero movie reflect. Minutia well handled in an attempt to provide the audience with the nuances of every details in the movie.

                                                            Super hero movies are generally been watched for larger than life stunt sequences and experiencing the unbelievable. Logan provides the audience with some fierce and gory stunt sequences. Although it is enjoyable, it is highly recommended that kids are not brought to the movie theatres. The climax stunt choreography is emphatic where the battle of Logan versus his clone happens that greatly reflects the mood of the movie. The climax stunt sequence is greatly choreographed with some mind-blowing visuals and the director of photographer should take easy credits.

                                    Logan being the last of the Wolverine series, lives up to the total expectation of the audience. It now has become the best of the series with some amazing story-telling and effortless execution. For those of us who always felt the sheer number of superheroes in these movies has been their greatest downfall, Mangold’s film is a breath of fresh air. There are no outlandish CGI supervillains bent on taking over the world; Professor X and Magneto do not spend the whole movie throwing tanks and battleships at each other and this makes Logan stand out from the rest.

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