Friday 10 March 2017

LOGAN - The Farewell

                                                                The word “Media Franchise” is a popular term in the Hollywood for more than obvious reasons for they could create a strong feeling of identity and ownership in its consumers. As with these series are concerned, nobody will be able to tell you as to how much of a sequence of movie of the same franchise is too much. The Wolverine, sixth installment in the X-Men Series is one such a franchise whose final part “Logan” hit the screens on the 3rd of March, 2017. This third and final film solely focusing on Wolverine is the last in the series and this re-view is going to take you through the film virtually to find it was as be-fitting as it could get.

                                                        The Series was always popular partially for its lead star “Hugh Jackman” who made it look like nobody else could have done the role much better than he did. He has donned the character so flawless that “Wolverine” and “Hugh Jackman” can be used inter-changeably. The plot revolves around “Logan”, formerly known as “Wolverine” who works as a Chauffer and hustling for prescription drugs in Texas. Logan lives with Caliban in an abandoned metal plant on the outskirts of Mexico, where they together take care of Professor Charles Xavier who suffers a neurodegenerative disease. A nurse of the biotechnology corporation “Alkali-Transigen” approaches Logan wanting to escort her and an eleven years old girl named “Laura” to a place called Eden which he refuses on her face. After repeated approach, Logan approves to escort them and when he arrives to pick them up, finds her murdered and takes Laura with him. The “Reavers” are also in look out for Laura and they start attacking Logan’s habitat when they discover that Laura is already taken by Logan. Story then unwinds to present the audience as to how Logan discovers Laura is his mutant child and what efforts he takes to protect everybody he cares in a way no other movies could be matched.

                                                            It is often told that a Hero is somebody who leads from the front and Hugh Jackman as the lead does it to perfection. He has much understood that this movie travels along a thin line between him doing over and over-doing the character. Hugh looks like an absolute fit for this series of Wolverine. The body-language he carries though-out the movie will win accolades. He has delivered his character with absolute ease although he had to go through numerous torments which go unnoticed. Well-built, tall and handsome nevertheless to say, he also has put in a lot of efforts to switch between the wild Wolverine and care-free Logan which normally a lot of actors mess up. Hugh has done some terrific stunt sequences which is quite breath-taking and drags you to the edge of the seat a fewer times. He is obviously a crowd puller and could not have asked more from the actor for his meticulous performance in this movie yet again.

                                                            Dafne Keen as Laura in the movie is definitely an icing on the cake. She definitely is the find of the year yet for her mind-blowing acting sequences and carrying herself on the screen effortlessly brilliant. Her portions with Logan has come out adorable on screen and captivates the audience quite well. Her effortless acting and the ability to make it count is much appreciable. Her efforts in few fight sequences are worth a galore. The ability to act fearlessly in front of one such a big team needs balls of steel and she has done a commendable job. She has a long way to go in the industry and is evident without a pinch of doubt.

                                                            Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce is the head of security and leader of Reavers, who did a commendable job of a staunch antagonist. He tries to match Hugh in many an aspect with his stupendous performance.  He stands out with his exuberant performance and gritty body language. Patrick Stewart as Professor X acts like how a world’s most powerful Telepath and founder of the X-Men does. He carries a sweet role in the movie and with his performance he makes it sweeter as much; absolutely flawless performance. Other notable performances from Stephan Merchant, Richard Grant and Elizabeth Rodriguez makes this movie worthy-a-watch. Mangold has hit gold with his casting.

                                                            Marco Beltrami wins it hands down with the Composition. Some terrific background score for the fight sequences is commendable. Music elevates the narration to the next level and serves much better when viewed in a theatre that reflects good acoustics. The composition towards the climax is sensible and prevents any kind of jarring effect that any super-hero movie reflect. Minutia well handled in an attempt to provide the audience with the nuances of every details in the movie.

                                                            Super hero movies are generally been watched for larger than life stunt sequences and experiencing the unbelievable. Logan provides the audience with some fierce and gory stunt sequences. Although it is enjoyable, it is highly recommended that kids are not brought to the movie theatres. The climax stunt choreography is emphatic where the battle of Logan versus his clone happens that greatly reflects the mood of the movie. The climax stunt sequence is greatly choreographed with some mind-blowing visuals and the director of photographer should take easy credits.

                                    Logan being the last of the Wolverine series, lives up to the total expectation of the audience. It now has become the best of the series with some amazing story-telling and effortless execution. For those of us who always felt the sheer number of superheroes in these movies has been their greatest downfall, Mangold’s film is a breath of fresh air. There are no outlandish CGI supervillains bent on taking over the world; Professor X and Magneto do not spend the whole movie throwing tanks and battleships at each other and this makes Logan stand out from the rest.

Million Dollar Question: Can a pre-teen girl drive the Franchise into the Future?

Thursday 14 April 2016

THERI - How it Felt to Me Like

                                                            I always have had some kind of attraction towards names with five letters and off late, this syndrome kept creeping in me as words like “Theri” “Vijay” “Atlee” were in the news like almost every other day. These were few of those common names that did all necessary buzz in the social media for all right reasons.  Topics on them kept trending on every other social space anticipating the much awaited product “Theri” from Atlee and Vijay who have joined hands for the first time ever. Although Atlee proved his mettle with his monstrous hit flick “Raja Rani”, it would always be a different ball game altogether when it comes to directing Vijay for it could fetch too much a fame or even kind of back-fire when things don’t fall in place. Taking into consideration all these, Atlee has come up with an all-time action packed racy family entertainer ”THERI”.

                                                            The Story revolves around an IPS officer, VijayKumar who proves to be a strict charming and adorable cop battling all petty crimes in the city while he happens to meet Mithra (Samantha) who has been doing her house surgeon. The lead lady falls in love with the cop seeing his good natured behaviour and guts to fight such intolerance out. They fall in love with each other and when things go absolutely smooth between them, enters the Antagonist who comes in search of Vijay for all that he has done to him in an earlier crime case. After all apprehension from Mithra’s dad, Vijaykumar marries Mithra post which they have a baby who grows along. When things seem pretty happy with the whole family, the family gets brutally murdered by the antagonist, for different reason after which Vijay and his kid escapes the whole incident to take revenge on the enemy which forms the climax of the much anticipated movie of this year. 

                                                            Vijay scintillates on the Screen as Joseph Kuruvilla, VijayKumar and Dharmeshwar. The kind of variations he has portrayed across these characters is just stupendous. Joseph Kuruvilla keeps subtle with his slap stick body language and innocence while Vijaykumar rules the screen with his humungous screen presence, wit and valour. It’s evident that Vijay has toned his body down for the role and it greatly pays off during too many scenes in the movie. Costumes for Vijay was a notable part of the movie for they really were very attractive suiting the mood of the scenes.  Vijay looked extra glamorous and more handsome as ever while the heroine coping to it up with absolute ease. Vijay scores a centum for his body language, mannerism, carry over and make over and have carried the story from the start until the end with absolute ease and sheer talent. Vijay has also complemented others really nice with his miraculous performance. This probably will go into the good books of Vijay as one of his best character performance ever.

                                                            The gorgeous looking lady who mesmerises with her look is back with a back in this movie. She looked flawless and the chemistry between Vijay and Samantha looked very pleasant on the screen. She has played her part to perfection and the kind of costumes that she has donned is truly sensational. The portions involving Samantha and Vijay were a delight to watch while she lends Vijay a shoulder to take the movie forward on from thereon. Samantha fits into the whole character without a doubt and comes out with flying colours.

                                                            Nainika is that cute little star that adds the much needed extra charm to the whole script. She sweeps everybody off the floor with her innocent acting and sweet voice that she has lent. The chemistry that she and Vijay share is just amazing on the screen and is more than just a delight to watch. The body language and the maturity she has exhibited towards her acting donning this role is just mind blowing. Nainika as Vijay’s daughter is just a flawless choice and is an amazing find. She is just that ice topping on the cake that keeps the movie going interesting as ever.

                                                            Although Amy has not got a great deal of role in the movie, she has kept it to the point. She understood clearly as to what is being expected out of her in the role and executes it to perfection. She looks stupendous as a teacher who hails from Kerala and manages living in the role in the due course. She looks pleasant to watch and performs it to perfection when it comes for the role she has donned.

                                                            Rajendran has done a great job as a police / comedian travelling with Vijay all along the movie. The timing humour sense that he possesses is just unbeatable and delivers dialogue to perfection. The bonding between Vijay and Rajendran is evident on the screen for the kind of comfort zone they share. They complement each other with tremendous performance.                                             
                                                            Other noteworthy performances include the one by the ace director Mahendran who has donned the role of an antagonist and Radhika who is Vijay’s mom in the movie. Mahendran with his experience and knowledge brings an all new perspective to the role and has done a matured job in convincing audience as to what he is up to in the character. Radhika on the other side captures everybody’s heart with her usual witty one liner and funny body languages. Radhika has done a great job in very many sentimental scenes as a mom and as a mother in law. 

                                                            Never can I forget to mention that GV Prakash has done a brilliant stuff as with the background score. At certain places, the score elevates the movie all to a next level where Vijay compensates with his mass elements to his fullest. Now that the songs were already a hit, a special mention to “Jithu Jilladi” and “Theri Dubstep” that made audience blurt out in sheer ecstasy. The background score at certain places were out of the world and it perfectly complimented the mood of the scene so much.
                                                            Another hero in the movie is George who visualised each and every frame to the extent of beauty possible. The reflections of his thoughts are so very nicely put on the screen and it has come out meticulously well. Lightings and some camera works used in the some of the fight sequences are truly worth a standing ovation. 

                                                            It will be a crime if I miss to mention the kind of efforts that Komal Shahani took to make everything look absolutely beautiful. The costumes looked fabulous and so as the make overs that the characters donned all over the movie. Vijay looked fabulous and sleek in the choice of wardrobe and the costume designer has to be given that kind of applause.
                                                              Atlee has to be given the whole credit for pulling such a meticulous flick off.  Making Nainika act and making the whole thing beautiful is absolutely tremendous. Vijay has been used to his fullest with a different perception towards approaching the character and that completely satisfies his stardom image. THERIffic is the word to be described.

VERDICT:  Well Knitted, Stylish, Energetic and Racy Family Cop Entertainer that probably will set a benchmark to other movies of this Genre.

Saturday 11 July 2015

BAAHUBALI - Live The Epic !!

Would like to start the review with a strong recommendation of going piracy-free at-least for this kind of “Once –in-a-lifetime” experience. This movie servers better with a much bigger and better screen with terrific audio; hence please watch the movie in theatres to encourage such an emphatic work.

“ Baahubali – The Beginning “ as the name suggests, this is a beginning to such epic and top notch story telling without having to hesitate even a bit regardless of its budget and the way the movie is going to do in the market. This movie paves way for many more such experimental story telling trilogy where people get to explore the real cinema. In a way, this movie is the beginning to many such path breaking moves that is going to happen in the film industry across India.


The movie opens up to a terrific title card all creative and mesmerising that sets the mood for the rest of the movie. The title card and the background score is so attractive that you want to sit in a position from which you cannot afford to miss even a scene in the movie gathering all attention on its own.

The movie opens up to an exotic location besides an artificially created waterfall that captivates your heart in no time. The waterfall is made in such a way that it takes time for you to prove it’s a made up one. The villagers of the near locality pick an abandoned baby and a lady amongst the group adopts him who in a period of time grows to become “Shivudu”. He is much interested in knowing what exactly is being held back at the top of the falls and starts climbing it up right from a very small age. After numerous attempts and after reaching the top, he discovers the love of his life, who he join hands with to venture out on a kingdom for a reason. Entering the kingdom, how he makes his mark and how he discovers as to who he is, clads the story line of this long awaited epic.

The first half fittingly shows snippets of everybody and a brief introduction about them as to engulf the audience with the much needed movie feel. Although few unrealistic stunts and misplaced songs at few portions make the audience chirpy, it grips them with an arrogantly awesome interval block that it makes everybody feel that the first half was not a dragging one.

The director is quite intelligent enough to compensate this lag with the second half and he has come with some extraordinary action flicks towards the end. The second half is just all action packed which thoroughly is enjoyable frame by frame. The stunt sequences in the second half deserves thorough appreciation for the kind of efforts they had taken. The war sequences towards the tail end of the movie have been choreographed extremely well that steals your heart with no doubt. The second half is so gripping and it makes you come towards the edge of your seat in the end to really know how this war ends and what happens next.


PRABHAS: Kingly is the word that best describes his screen presence in the movie. Prabhas looks emphatic and apt to play a lead in such a historic flick and he has done it so flawlessly. His body language, his efforts and his screen presence deserves much appreciation and he has set a benchmark for a king role. The kind of homework and the efforts that he has underwent for this movie is fruitfully visible on the screen without a strain. Could not compare anybody else in his place, who really could have driven the movie like he did, which is a big victory for him. PRABHAS nailed it with his character and leaves in you a mark of a significantly great actor. He is an asset to the film industry.

RANA DAGUBBATI: The man looks all beefed up and beastly filling the shoes of a king role in the movie. Rana looks incredibly hot and the efforts that he has put in are much visible. Although he has been portrayed a lot in a greyish shade, he will steal the hearts of the audience with his command over the role. The emotions and the body language that he portrays are much appreciable and will count up to the over-all movie performance. He has a major role to do in the sequel of the movie and this guy will go a long distance in the industry.

SATHYARAJ: This old-young man has a significant role to play in the movie. At this age, the kind of stunt sequence he does and the kind of efforts that he has put in are truly appreciable. Dedicated is the word that I would like to describe this guy as. He plays his spot to perfection and makes sure to convince the audience that nobody else could have done this role such elegantly. The kind of stunts he performed and the action sequences that he got involved in are truly commendable to be performed at this age. He is an asset to the Indian cinema.

RAMYA KRISHAN: Easily her second best role till date only after “Padaiyappa”. Her body language, her tone and her command over her acting skills are truly mesmerising. Her screen presence is much felt in a lot of scenes and she proves a vital asset in the movie with every dialogue firing its way out. Her acting skill knows no bounds and this piece is none the less. She just nailed it with absolute ease. Her character was easily one of my favourite characters in the movie.

ANUSHKA, TAMANNAH and NASSER: Although Anushka did not have much to play in the part of the movie; she did more than what she could. Her get up was nicely done and her body language did all the communication with the audience. We could expect more of Anushka in the sequel and it’s going to be a blast. Tamannah plays a tough role where she does a lot of stunt oriented sequences and her efforts are appreciable. She captivates everybody’s hearts with flawless and intriguing beauty. Her body language and dialogue delivery could have been much better to suit the innate feel of the movie. Nasser does a great job of an antagonist who skilfully carries the character with his abilities. His experience is mammoth and it comes very hand in such situations where the character oriented acting is much needed. Nasser does his role to perfection.

 TECHNICIANS: Last but not the least, often called the Back bone of any project. This movie is much to do with technicians rather artist themselves. The graphics and the visual effects that put-forth were commendable and this is the first time I am seeing something like this in an Indian movie. The efforts that they had undertaken is clearly visible on screen with people appreciating it heart fully. Immense is the word that best describes the CG works and also thanks for having done something like this.
Stunt choreography needs a special mention here with Peter Hein ruling the roost in this department. The Stunt sequences were top notch and especially those war sequences were mind-fuck. Audience were amused the way it has been shot and had a satisfaction of fairly watching something that’s on par with the Hollywood. The efforts that this department took are the real success and the movie rides high on this department.

VERDICT:  Like everything is fair in Love and War; the same holds good for War movies too. This movie has all ingredients of taking the Indian Cinema at a global arena.
M-A-S-T-E-R-C-L-A-S-S !!

Wednesday 10 June 2015


 “I know you wouldn’t even remember the occasion! You are that ridiculously worse with dates.” Mary sounded pretty confident over the phone. 

“Really? Alright darling, I am getting home in a while; get ready to be all mine losing the bet” uttered Chris in a husky voice trying to sound romantic over the phone.

“Baby the moment I prove you wrong about the statement you told me, brace yourself for the night of the life” whispered Chris holding Mary’s face in his palm.

“Alright baby, but I bet you could never get there”, Mary told trying to put his confidence down.

“Wear the best for the night and get ready to be soaked in all love and lust” said Chris kissing her hands soft and gentle.

Chris rushed out of the house without even changing his sweaty shirt and trouser that he wore for the day’s work. He took his car out with at most speed and started heading somewhere. Mary saw Chris very happy, convincing and free though she sounded confident that Chris will never win the bet.

Mary striped herself off and started polishing her nails after a warm refreshing shower. She wore on herself a red slip and a sexy short before she fell on the bed imagining how ecstatic the night would go on while biting her lustrous red sexy lips.

While she kept looking out for Chris through the window, Chris drove his car really faster down his lane to park it as soon as possible and meet his wife Mary who kept waiting for him. Chris rushed through the main door and kept running real hard onto the stairs to reach the bedroom where he found his wife lying on the bed all sexy and hot waiting to be all his. 

“Welcome home sweetheart, let me hug you with me so tight that you won’t have the feeling of failing to remember the occasion” said Mary in a winning tone. Trying to comfort him, she kissed his forehead lustily.

Chris pulled her so close to him, holding her face in his palms pulled a gift out of his baggage uttering “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!” on top of his voice. Mary took few seconds to unwrap the gift and discovered that it was a pink colored clutch from Gucci. Chris said, “This will really go well on your favorite pink trouser, sweetheart. Mary although was not attracted with the gift smiled at Chris and told “Thank you my love, it was lovely. Your choice is just stupendous”. Mary was happy that Chris remembered it was her birthday but deep inside her heart she always had a feel that he would have had presented her something else which would really had captivated her.

Chris could clearly read her mind. After few minutes of silence, Chris laughed really hard out as he took a small box from his pocket to give it to Mary. He kissed her lips so passionate, and placed the box on her palms; whispered in her ears, “Happy Birthday, My Love”.  It was a pleasant shock for Mary this time. She opened the parcel quickly to discover that the gift inside the box was a RED Emerald and diamond antique neck piece. 

Her lips opened up to a wide smile when she took a good look at the necklace and hugged him so tight to her. She kept whispering, “Thank you baby, and Thank you. This is the best gift I ever have had received ever yet” for which Chris added up saying, “Keep waiting for more sweetheart”. Chris danced her gently to the bed holding her hip on one hand and her hand on the other. He made her comfortable on the bed and sat beside her to hug her with him and get lost in her. She sensed his blue shirt completely wet while droplets of sweat hit her shoulder running from his nose tip. She pushed him away playfully saying, “Go shower”. 

He lifted her and threw her into the bathtub and told, “I cannot bath alone”. She sat on the edge of bathtub all wet looking sensually hot. She was drenched and all her features were completely visible through her light sex dress that set all lust for Chris sky high. 

“Now that you have lost the bet, you better be ready to be all mine, baby” told Chris huskily sexy.

She pulled him close to her and kissed his lips so hard in an effort to make her lip stick mark paste on his and told “Will this do for the night, baby?”.

Chris laughed very loud out as he grabbed her hip and kissed her back so passionately whispering “The night is all mine, baby”.

She kept losing her clothes one after the other for she lost the bet tonight. He pushed her inside the bathtub while he tried covering her whole body with his. He held his finger on her forehead and started traversing it along all part of her body. Starting with forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and throat he kept gliding his finger until she gave up on him. He started kissing those lips that were as gentle as a rose petal, sucking it gently to show her how much he loved her. 

She let him discover her completely, where love and lust crossed over limits. She gave up defending her body from him and let him do whatever he felt like. She decided to be all his tonight and did not even make an attempt to stop him from doing anything. He got lost in her fragrance that emancipated only love and lust. Her body smelled so good that he never wanted to take his nose off it. He fondled her so much that she lost control of her and couldn’t wait for him to invade her. He visited each and every of her part in an anticipation to discover something new in her. 

At one moment their senses fired up, and they were completely ready to get one. They were waiting for one such moment were they could hide in themselves. He held her almost everywhere and they made zealous love. They made love like there is no tomorrow and it’s going to be over in an hour. They laughed, moaned, cried, whispered and sweat while they made love like never before. 

They cannot wait to fall into each other’s arms after having done such a thing. They kissed passionately and slept in each other’s arms after getting high on life