Wednesday, 27 June 2012

This Is How It Would Sound Like

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                                  This is just another step attempting to project the blog like one multi-faceted and I thought this is one right move in achieving the target. I have decided to jot down the reviews for the books and movies that i come across as and when possible. Though not a voracious reader, i thought I can spend some time reading some books and writing reviews for the same that in turn can help a few out and the same is the case with movies as well. So people looking forward to your humongous support and without you people this would have not been possible at all.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


                                    The opposite sex as well contributes equally to the shame. A majority of the guys try and be professional but there are still a lot of people who have got a repulsive look. Most of the IT companies stick to this chart; on weekdays it is full formals and on Friday is it business casuals, but what actually happens is people take it for granted. I hardly see a handful of people sticking on to the chart. There are always the rule-breakers more than the rule-followers, which is really pathetic. Men here are with a mentality that a rule is meant to be broken and not to be followed which is really sympathetic that their twenty odd educational foundations did not come handy even once when their thought process started working so.
                                    Men come in “formally” informal attire during the weekdays. Trust me; I have seen men coming in vintage tees and rugged jean on many Monday mornings which arouse a kind of annoyance for people who always love to stick by the company norms. The first time I saw people coming in here like this I thought they had their own difficulties dressing up themselves formally and that I should not come to a consensus at the very first sight. But to my astonishment this habit of dressing themselves up shabbily kept repeating like a sinusoidal wave and the very impression I had on the IT guys went goofing on the streets. I have seen guys turning to offices up with torn jean, torn tees, low hip jean, a baggy and what not. People wear anything and everything.
                                    When this is the case with the rule-breakers, there are a handful of people who mess with dressings up despite turning to offices up on pure formal dressings. People dress themselves formally but with an untidy shirt and trousers. You can see wrinkles running all round the cross surface area of the shirt and trousers as well. I still wonder the fact that people are well off in terms of their pecuniary aspects but still hesitate to get their dresses well pressed paying a very meager amount.

                                    Dressing themselves up as mentioned above, these people enter the premises showing off with a head set on their ears and iphones on their pockets. Jotting down the above point I remember one another worst behavior of these people i.e., using headsets and headphones while at travel or while at road. As everybody know Bangalore is also known for its traffic on road in spite of this people wear headphones and headsets while crossing road and while driving which reflects sheer stupidity.
                                    With respect to above context I would like to quote a real time incident reluctantly. I am not happy writing this but still this is to create an awareness amongst the readers (?!?!) the ill effect of wearing a headset on transit. This incident happened a month back that took us back to a greater extent. I with two of my friends started for office late 10.30 in the morning and was walking towards the bus stop having a little chat. Few yards from what we walked saw a humongous crowd, near the railway track that ran parallel to the place we resided and so it is a usual habit of the people to walk along the track that by-passed the roads which was time saving. We found a beheaded head on the track and the body a few meters apart. A lady had walked along the track with her headphones on and she without noticing the train attempted to cross the track and the headphones produced higher decibels than that of the train’s and so she could not sense the train coming and so she had to rest in peace.
                                    People enter the offices sharp eleven which is already two hours past their actual in time taking lifts to their respective floors in an unruly fashion.  They enter the floor swiping their cards in and take their respective chairs which sometime would be tied to the cabins so as to avoid a transposition. People are very reluctant to lend their chairs to others even in case of emergencies. By the time they switch their system/laptop on and start checking mails, you can find one or two fellow men near the cabin offering a kind invite for their coffee break. I seriously cannot understand the necessity of a coffee break for somebody who has come late by two hours and who has come just ten minutes back.
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