Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I Quit

                                                                Sun penetrating the dense clouds lit millions of houses spread across the City and Ananya’s house is no different. The rays peeped into the house through a stylish window made of solid wood located at the tenth floor in one of the most prestigious apartments in the City. The feeble light into the room displayed a man sleeping like an animal on his luxurious couch and a woman sitting with her face hid on the corner of the room. The woman had bruises all over her body. She had scratches all over her hands, a couple of scars on her face, a couple of cigar marks on her body and blood bleeding from her mouth which contributed the majority for her red-turned white top.

                                                                Ananya placed herself on the corner of the room where both walls intersected. She sat resting her back on the wall with her face hid and held down facing the floor. A beam of light hit Ananya’s face as the room door opened up and a kid ran towards Ananya.

“Mummy, did dad hit you yesterday as well?” asked the little girl with an innocent face in a tender voice.

“Yes baby, dad will be okay one day and I am waiting for it. Come let’s get ready for school”, said Ananya while the tears rolled down from her eyes.

Ananya helped her child bath, cooked food for her child, helped her eat breakfast, dressed her up for her school and sent her off to school in her school bus.  
Coming home back, she stood in front of the mirror to have a look at everything that her husband had done to her and moved on to deal with all her routines. She assisted her husband in all that he wanted in order for him to make a successful depart from the house to his office.
Ananya’s face looked always fictious. She always wore a cute, broad smile that always helped fetch other’s affinity for her. She emerged so happy for other’s eyes. She always wore a full-sleeve top so as to keep all her bruise away from other’s vision.
The clock ticked quarter to three and Ananya was eyeing for her eight year old daughter who had gone to school much earlier. The door-bell rang and as soon as Ananya opened the door, her daughter ran towards her little cute bedroom and started crying. Ananya was so puzzled and took the bag from the cab driver who helped her daughter and headed for her daughter’s bed room closing the door.

“What happened my cute little Barbie”, asked Ananya in an anxious voice.

“Mum, we usually bull each other in the class room but today Pragathi hit me hard and I got hurt”, complained the little angel to her mom.

“Do not worry my little darling we will inform your class teacher about this”, told the mom to convince the little bud.

“No mummy, we will leave this mummy. I will take this mum no problem”, told the wee in a melancholic voice.

“No baby, we are not born to take all this. We should fight for all this. We should not let it prevail and creep upon us baby. We will complain this to your class teacher and will sort the issue out”, told Ananya in a very caring voice and hugged her daughter so tight.

“Mom if that was the case so why do you still want to stand dad for all that he is doing to you. You are not complaining anybody of this. Shall I complain this to your class teacher? Or Shall I complain this to your mom so that she will take some action?”  asked the little cutie in a very tender and innocent tone.

Ananya after hearing all these from her daughter hugged her tight and started crying as if she is going to cry for one last time of her life. She poured out all that she had and kissed her baby fully. She took her in her arms and decided to leave her husband.  

“Baby you are my eye-opener and this is the last time I am going to cry in my life time. We will go else-where and live happily. We never need dad of this sort baby. I will look after you like my god. We will get away baby”, told Ananya in a bold tone.

Friday, 21 September 2012

The L(a)(o)st Day

A very intense beam of rays originated from a sporty car penetrated the early morning fog of a rainy Allapey, Kerala “God’s own country” that bears an exotic view round the clock and round the year. A thin strip of smog everywhere dashing the car glasses, very clean and wet roads, greenish ambience and a road less travelled are the sights that captivated any traveller from within the car. It was very evident from the roads and the temperature that the clouds had opened up the previous night to pour down everything it has. The car headed towards a farm house situated alongside the back waters of the city which wore an aesthetic look from even outside the place. The tyres of the car entered the place kissing the floors of the farm house and came to rest after few meters from the entrance.
The doors of the car opened and the shoes of a tall, well-built, neatly dressed and handsome guy touched the soils of the farm house who went on to open the other door of the car from where his girl has to egress. The girl wore a dark blue jean and a pink pull over that helped her fight the icy atmosphere. The couple headed towards a giant wooden arrangement that marked the entrance of the beautiful farm house which read “Vishramam”. A middle-aged man ran towards the couple greeted them and took the car key from them to put the car in an appropriate position. Two women at the reception, dressed in traditional attire welcomed the couple with a napkin dipped in warm water sprinkled with herbal fresheners. The guy took the napkin from the lender and began fondling it across his girl’s soft and lustrous face holding it on his palms so as to give her at most freshness to all her senses. The guy also made the towel roll across her chin, throat and her hands that made her glow with cleanliness.

Taking the room keys, the guy put his hands around her and held her shoulders so as to guide her with all support from his side and headed for the room which was located at the first level. He opened the door for her and put all possible lights on to put her into sight all that the room had for the couple. The room had an exotic dark wooden floor newly polished with colourful carpets above it to withstand the occasional bone-chillers, an exuberant washroom with very rich European closets, ample number of dim lights that kept the room romantic, a French window that portrayed the sights from the basement swimming pool, a sophisticated couch, a humungous cot with a cosy mattress which never failed to lose your love for it, a couple of chairs on par with other furniture in terms of its elegance, enough mirrors around that always show-cased anyone beautiful and a small balcony decorated with adequate flower pots and wall creepers so as to keep it cute and sexy.
The guy held his girl’s shoulder from behind and guided her to the balcony which bore a panorama from within. It was an early morning with sun reluctantly peeping in from its sleep. It was drizzling continuously and the clouds engulfed the entire sky allowing very little light to pass through. The girl put her hand out to try and catch few rain drops for herself. The guy hugged her from behind resting his face on her shoulder and breather on her. She was lost and she started enjoying his warmth. Both of their breath did all the talking. They were struck on to each other for quite some time.

He held her like; he is going to hold her for one last time in his life,
He hugged her like; he is going to die tomorrow,
He kissed her like; the world is going to come to an end tomorrow.

A pale voice finally broke the silence out, “Shreyas, I want to sleep inside you”.

A bold voice replied, “Yeah Janu always yours, come to me my darling”.

Janu ran to shreyas like a kid who had seen her dad after a very long time. He held her in his arms tight, lifted her, rotated her in air and kissed her tightly on her forehead and told her, “Janu, I love you”.

Janu pushed Shreyas on to the bed and jumped over him with joy, ecstasy and love. Janu unbuttoned his shirt and placed her head on his chest. He hugged her very tight to his chest and rested his face on her head.

“Shreyas, I always wanted to be like this, me inside you on This Safest Place on Earth”, “Please do not leave me alone”, uttered a very cranky Janu.

“Hei janu, I am born for you. To love you, to care for you, to caress you, to cuddle you and to make you the happiest girl on earth”, uttered a bold Shreyas.

“Hei Janu, do not come out. The world is so nasty and selfish. Please be inside me. I will take care of you like my mom, daughter, wife, sister and friend”, saying so he buttoned his shirt up leaving her face closest to his chest inside the shirt and started fondling her hair.

He held her face and kissed the entire face like he is going to forget how to kiss the next day. He made her lie on his lap and cuddled her like a baby born a couple of years ago. She emerged very new and bright every time he cuddled her up and tears started rolling out of her eyes. He wiped her tears and told, “Janu tears would fall and it would be easy to wipe it off our sleeves, but the pain…?” “Cry .. cry and cry that your vision gets cleaned and you will get a new vision of life”.

She replied, “Every time when I think when I look back at our laughter it brings me tears”.

“I want you to be with me always Shreyas”

”I want you to hug me kiss me touch me and take care of me like your God”

”I should be the only girl on this earth who should receive the maximum love from you”.”Please do not leave me”, “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..” or “I want this world to come to an end today.. Right now right this moment”

A Year Ago...

Shreyas: “Mom I want Janani in my life. She is my life and I cannot spend my life with another girl who can never be a match for me. Janani is my love. She is my everything. She is the reason for my happiness. She has inspired me in many a ways. I want her in my life”.

Shreyas’ Parents: “Shreyas you cannot talk like this to your parents. Your marriage should go only according to our wishes. You cannot decide independently and our family would not support love marriages and so please do not leave our respect goofing on streets. We will find you the best match in town for you”.

Janani: “Mom I want to live my life with Shreyas. Nobody can love me the way he does. He is the one and only right match for me. I cannot live my life with anybody else. He takes care of me like his mom, daughter, wife and friend. I want him in my life mom, please.”

Janani’s Parents:”Janani, from where did you get the courage to tell us all this? Love? How did it creep into your life? What are you talking Janani? It is all cinema that had spoiled you Janani. You are falling into very wrong hands. We won’t accept this.  We are here to care for you and you need not have anybody else in life. We will decide your marriage until then stay at home. You shouldn’t go out”.

Shreyas and Janani had been dating since their college times. They both fell in love five years back and are still in love with each other madly.

Their parents were typical Indians; educated but not open-minded. Their parents did not accept their proposals even after the couple’s one year plead. Their parents never wanted them to be together. Their parents were so reluctant and so the couple decided to part their own ways. Shreyas and Janani did not want to go against their parents. They respected and loved their parents even more. They wanted to bid adieu amongst each other after one last day together and so decided to go to Kerala for a day. They wanted to be together one last day in their life.

They lied one last time in their houses. They wanted to be together one last day. They wanted their souls to be refreshed one last time in life. They wanted to experience the benefit of their births for one last time. They wanted to live their life one last day. They wanted to breath one last time in life.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Movie Review - Mugamoodi

                                               After a hectic work schedule, myself and Sathish RAJAKUMAR decided to chill out at some recreation centers that has mushroomed around the city. We boarded the bus from the office and travelled without a clue as to where this journey is going to lead us to. We crossed one of the famous multiplexes of the city and decided to step in for some or the other movie to kill time. There were a series of posters which had Telugu and Hollywood stars printed on them which did not kindle even 0.1% of interest in me for them. The last poster portrayed our own Kollywood star “Jiiva’s” which read “Mugamoodi” in an artistic font. With no other options left with, we reluctantly bought the tickets for this movie. With no much expectation for this first Tamil super hero subject, we entered the hall and found that we were two among the other ten people who opted for this movie.
                                                  The screen opens up on a thanks giving note (dedication) to the legend “Bruce Lee” for which the reason is still a mystery since he has got nothing to do with the movie at least. The next scene portrays a random vehicle on the streets on Chennai clearing the garbage around the city in utter darkness after which the title of the movie hits the screen right at the center in an artistic font at the background of which the different comics keeps flashing at regular intervals (similar to that of a superman title block).
                                                   The subsequent scenes introduce Jiiva and elaborate you the likeness in him for Kung-Fu through various instances. Jiiva’s kung-fu master gets into trouble for not having paid the rent for his school and the owner gets to the place and throws things on the road and asks him to vacate the place. Jiiva comes to his rescue saying that he would give the money back in some days by getting as many students as possible to the Kung-Fu school. The succeeding fight scene in the market introduces the awkward looking heroine to you who does not sweep you off your feet even at the first sight. Jiiva gets mesmerized by her looks and her attitude and is after her from the day he sees her which makes you shrink your face for the way it is portrayed. Jiiva names himself “Mugamoodi”  wearing a super hero costume to impress his girl and it turns out to be a wild run for Jiiva as he attempts to catch one among the many who loots many a parts of the city. The horrible climax revolves around a typical Mysskin’s twist and twirl and is told the way the protagonist wins over the antagonist.
                                                   The director has taken two hours and thirty minutes for this unsuccessful attempt. The script does not have a strong plot and a notion for this narration. The sad truth is that not even one by tenth of the total running time of the movie is worth enjoyable. The need for the heroine in the movie remains a big question mark even after this many days of the release of the movie. The way her character was described looked shabby, clumsy and deteriorating.
                                                    The music for the movie was done by K. A couple of songs sounded good but looked terribly awkward. The immature cinematography of the song let the feel of the song down. “Vaaya Moodi Summa Iru Da” is a musical hit and a visual flop. The song seemed more like fitted in necessarily so as to bring a break amongst the audience who experienced intolerable non-sense now. The costumes used in the song were decent. The background scores were reasonably good though a couple of them were ripped from some Hollywood flicks.
                                                      The cinematographer does not have too much of work to do as the movie does not demand exotic locations, higher end camera tricks, exuberating camera shots or anything for that matter. The cameras have captured the chasing sequences well; a couple of decent locations across the globe for a song and very few interesting fight sequences. The fights sequences in the movie were handled well. The opening fight had all the necessary elements of a kung-fu expertise which emerged a perfect opening for Jiiva.
                                                            Narain was one among many who has shared the screen. He has done a decent job in a couple of places as a worthy antagonist but fails miserably in many a place too. The climax scenes where Narain comes into play are literally awkward. His make-over, mannerisms, dialogue delivery and the portrayal lets his acting skills down terribly. I can probably put here that this is Narain’s worst performance till date and I request him to concentrate on the characters as well rather on the directors.
                                                            Jiiva has got a handful of guys with him who is always with him the entire movie. The castings were not up to the mark and the way they were utilized as well goes goofing on the streets. The kind of techniques these guys use to save Jiiva in the climax scenes deserves a spit on the director’s face from the entire crowd which cannot be expected out of a super-hero movie.
                                                            In nutshell, no movie can get bigger crappier than this. This can be a good bad-example of how you shouldn’t make a super-hero subject. Nothing fell in place for the director and the entire movie seems boring, uninvolving, different and pathetic. You cannot expect movies of this sort from a director who talks to the media like he is the one who makes sensible movies of all times. I request you not to give an attempt at the movie for god sake and if you guys want to reach out to it even after this, do it at your own risk.

VERDICT : “Give me back my three hours”, Please.