Monday 10 September 2012

Movie Review - Mugamoodi

                                               After a hectic work schedule, myself and Sathish RAJAKUMAR decided to chill out at some recreation centers that has mushroomed around the city. We boarded the bus from the office and travelled without a clue as to where this journey is going to lead us to. We crossed one of the famous multiplexes of the city and decided to step in for some or the other movie to kill time. There were a series of posters which had Telugu and Hollywood stars printed on them which did not kindle even 0.1% of interest in me for them. The last poster portrayed our own Kollywood star “Jiiva’s” which read “Mugamoodi” in an artistic font. With no other options left with, we reluctantly bought the tickets for this movie. With no much expectation for this first Tamil super hero subject, we entered the hall and found that we were two among the other ten people who opted for this movie.
                                                  The screen opens up on a thanks giving note (dedication) to the legend “Bruce Lee” for which the reason is still a mystery since he has got nothing to do with the movie at least. The next scene portrays a random vehicle on the streets on Chennai clearing the garbage around the city in utter darkness after which the title of the movie hits the screen right at the center in an artistic font at the background of which the different comics keeps flashing at regular intervals (similar to that of a superman title block).
                                                   The subsequent scenes introduce Jiiva and elaborate you the likeness in him for Kung-Fu through various instances. Jiiva’s kung-fu master gets into trouble for not having paid the rent for his school and the owner gets to the place and throws things on the road and asks him to vacate the place. Jiiva comes to his rescue saying that he would give the money back in some days by getting as many students as possible to the Kung-Fu school. The succeeding fight scene in the market introduces the awkward looking heroine to you who does not sweep you off your feet even at the first sight. Jiiva gets mesmerized by her looks and her attitude and is after her from the day he sees her which makes you shrink your face for the way it is portrayed. Jiiva names himself “Mugamoodi”  wearing a super hero costume to impress his girl and it turns out to be a wild run for Jiiva as he attempts to catch one among the many who loots many a parts of the city. The horrible climax revolves around a typical Mysskin’s twist and twirl and is told the way the protagonist wins over the antagonist.
                                                   The director has taken two hours and thirty minutes for this unsuccessful attempt. The script does not have a strong plot and a notion for this narration. The sad truth is that not even one by tenth of the total running time of the movie is worth enjoyable. The need for the heroine in the movie remains a big question mark even after this many days of the release of the movie. The way her character was described looked shabby, clumsy and deteriorating.
                                                    The music for the movie was done by K. A couple of songs sounded good but looked terribly awkward. The immature cinematography of the song let the feel of the song down. “Vaaya Moodi Summa Iru Da” is a musical hit and a visual flop. The song seemed more like fitted in necessarily so as to bring a break amongst the audience who experienced intolerable non-sense now. The costumes used in the song were decent. The background scores were reasonably good though a couple of them were ripped from some Hollywood flicks.
                                                      The cinematographer does not have too much of work to do as the movie does not demand exotic locations, higher end camera tricks, exuberating camera shots or anything for that matter. The cameras have captured the chasing sequences well; a couple of decent locations across the globe for a song and very few interesting fight sequences. The fights sequences in the movie were handled well. The opening fight had all the necessary elements of a kung-fu expertise which emerged a perfect opening for Jiiva.
                                                            Narain was one among many who has shared the screen. He has done a decent job in a couple of places as a worthy antagonist but fails miserably in many a place too. The climax scenes where Narain comes into play are literally awkward. His make-over, mannerisms, dialogue delivery and the portrayal lets his acting skills down terribly. I can probably put here that this is Narain’s worst performance till date and I request him to concentrate on the characters as well rather on the directors.
                                                            Jiiva has got a handful of guys with him who is always with him the entire movie. The castings were not up to the mark and the way they were utilized as well goes goofing on the streets. The kind of techniques these guys use to save Jiiva in the climax scenes deserves a spit on the director’s face from the entire crowd which cannot be expected out of a super-hero movie.
                                                            In nutshell, no movie can get bigger crappier than this. This can be a good bad-example of how you shouldn’t make a super-hero subject. Nothing fell in place for the director and the entire movie seems boring, uninvolving, different and pathetic. You cannot expect movies of this sort from a director who talks to the media like he is the one who makes sensible movies of all times. I request you not to give an attempt at the movie for god sake and if you guys want to reach out to it even after this, do it at your own risk.

VERDICT : “Give me back my three hours”, Please.


  1. Too much hype will cause a flop....Another one in the list I suppose...In my list of not-to-be-watched movies for this year and your review made me reaffirm that decision :)

  2. ya ya sis.... Sheer waste of time and energy.. Such a worthless effrt...