Wednesday, 10 June 2015


 “I know you wouldn’t even remember the occasion! You are that ridiculously worse with dates.” Mary sounded pretty confident over the phone. 

“Really? Alright darling, I am getting home in a while; get ready to be all mine losing the bet” uttered Chris in a husky voice trying to sound romantic over the phone.

“Baby the moment I prove you wrong about the statement you told me, brace yourself for the night of the life” whispered Chris holding Mary’s face in his palm.

“Alright baby, but I bet you could never get there”, Mary told trying to put his confidence down.

“Wear the best for the night and get ready to be soaked in all love and lust” said Chris kissing her hands soft and gentle.

Chris rushed out of the house without even changing his sweaty shirt and trouser that he wore for the day’s work. He took his car out with at most speed and started heading somewhere. Mary saw Chris very happy, convincing and free though she sounded confident that Chris will never win the bet.

Mary striped herself off and started polishing her nails after a warm refreshing shower. She wore on herself a red slip and a sexy short before she fell on the bed imagining how ecstatic the night would go on while biting her lustrous red sexy lips.

While she kept looking out for Chris through the window, Chris drove his car really faster down his lane to park it as soon as possible and meet his wife Mary who kept waiting for him. Chris rushed through the main door and kept running real hard onto the stairs to reach the bedroom where he found his wife lying on the bed all sexy and hot waiting to be all his. 

“Welcome home sweetheart, let me hug you with me so tight that you won’t have the feeling of failing to remember the occasion” said Mary in a winning tone. Trying to comfort him, she kissed his forehead lustily.

Chris pulled her so close to him, holding her face in his palms pulled a gift out of his baggage uttering “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!” on top of his voice. Mary took few seconds to unwrap the gift and discovered that it was a pink colored clutch from Gucci. Chris said, “This will really go well on your favorite pink trouser, sweetheart. Mary although was not attracted with the gift smiled at Chris and told “Thank you my love, it was lovely. Your choice is just stupendous”. Mary was happy that Chris remembered it was her birthday but deep inside her heart she always had a feel that he would have had presented her something else which would really had captivated her.

Chris could clearly read her mind. After few minutes of silence, Chris laughed really hard out as he took a small box from his pocket to give it to Mary. He kissed her lips so passionate, and placed the box on her palms; whispered in her ears, “Happy Birthday, My Love”.  It was a pleasant shock for Mary this time. She opened the parcel quickly to discover that the gift inside the box was a RED Emerald and diamond antique neck piece. 

Her lips opened up to a wide smile when she took a good look at the necklace and hugged him so tight to her. She kept whispering, “Thank you baby, and Thank you. This is the best gift I ever have had received ever yet” for which Chris added up saying, “Keep waiting for more sweetheart”. Chris danced her gently to the bed holding her hip on one hand and her hand on the other. He made her comfortable on the bed and sat beside her to hug her with him and get lost in her. She sensed his blue shirt completely wet while droplets of sweat hit her shoulder running from his nose tip. She pushed him away playfully saying, “Go shower”. 

He lifted her and threw her into the bathtub and told, “I cannot bath alone”. She sat on the edge of bathtub all wet looking sensually hot. She was drenched and all her features were completely visible through her light sex dress that set all lust for Chris sky high. 

“Now that you have lost the bet, you better be ready to be all mine, baby” told Chris huskily sexy.

She pulled him close to her and kissed his lips so hard in an effort to make her lip stick mark paste on his and told “Will this do for the night, baby?”.

Chris laughed very loud out as he grabbed her hip and kissed her back so passionately whispering “The night is all mine, baby”.

She kept losing her clothes one after the other for she lost the bet tonight. He pushed her inside the bathtub while he tried covering her whole body with his. He held his finger on her forehead and started traversing it along all part of her body. Starting with forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and throat he kept gliding his finger until she gave up on him. He started kissing those lips that were as gentle as a rose petal, sucking it gently to show her how much he loved her. 

She let him discover her completely, where love and lust crossed over limits. She gave up defending her body from him and let him do whatever he felt like. She decided to be all his tonight and did not even make an attempt to stop him from doing anything. He got lost in her fragrance that emancipated only love and lust. Her body smelled so good that he never wanted to take his nose off it. He fondled her so much that she lost control of her and couldn’t wait for him to invade her. He visited each and every of her part in an anticipation to discover something new in her. 

At one moment their senses fired up, and they were completely ready to get one. They were waiting for one such moment were they could hide in themselves. He held her almost everywhere and they made zealous love. They made love like there is no tomorrow and it’s going to be over in an hour. They laughed, moaned, cried, whispered and sweat while they made love like never before. 

They cannot wait to fall into each other’s arms after having done such a thing. They kissed passionately and slept in each other’s arms after getting high on life