Monday, 2 April 2012


                        The view of “LALBAGH” from its archway portrayed lustrous green everywhere. We asked the driver to park the car at the appropriate place and asked him to join us for a walk inside, but he preferred smoking to walking refusing the invitation very politely. Taking a sneaky look all around the garden, we decided to make our ways into the garden. We had to climb a small rock so as to reach the temple at the top of the spot. The temple was worth the demand and so we reluctantly decided to go ahead with the plan of visiting it. As soon as I reached the top of the spot, the very view that was very evident to the sight, took me back for I could see only the couples around the temple who were spoiling the ambience in the name of their “Dirty Love”.
                        The postures of people around the temple revealed male love on top of female love’s lap, vice versa of the above, both under a common “Cover up” (Dupettah), male love lying of female’s lap, vice versa of the above, both of their lips entering a wedlock and many more postures that would demand a clean “A” certificate for my write up. I was totally disappointed for the entire scenario. As soon as my parents see this, I really wanted them to get out of here as they would probably feel bad for all that happened. So I stopped them from climbing the rock saying it is not worth the climb and took them back to the ingress.
                        Having faced a nasty disappointment for having been there to the rock, we thought of taking a right from the entrance which led us to a nursery. It was filled with numerous plants and trees anybody would never bother to give a damn at. As soon as we entered the arena, we were guided inside by a local guide who knows only the local language. Neither him nor I was successful communicating verbally with each other and so decided to carry ahead of our own. We found nothing fascinating there and so we left the place to sit on an old stone bench under the shades of the tree which indeed served the purpose.
                        Sitting there for an hour we caught up a little chat amongst each other. My parents were too concerned about my stay and well being here. I was advised of how to behave, how to live and at last how to survive being a part of this negligent world.

                        After a very dumb found trip to “Lal Bagh”, we decided to get back to the room as my parents were keen on preparing me for an enlightening professional life going to happen the next day. The driver even mocked at the place and told me that it was one kind of place which would never want you to bring your parents with for which certainly my answer was “Too Late, Brother”.
                        It was nearly half past six when we reached the room. We refreshed ourselves up and sat down putting the documents intact into the file that I am supposed to carry the next day for the office. Having done with all the necessary arrangements for the next days’ we proceeded for dinner. Dinner was joined by two of my friends Mukunth and Dinesh who were of my college and had joined the organization a month before. I took their advices and inputs that they shared being working here for a month. This conversation went for about an hour and I called it a day a bit early as the next day was one crucial day of my life.
September 17th 8:00 AM
                                Waking up from a very disturbed sleep, I found that the day is all set for me to enter the next phase of my life, the PROFESSION. The clock ticked half past seven when I came out of the bathroom after an obsessed shower which constantly kept reminded that I am going to leave my parents alone and going to stay a bit away from them. Despite all these thoughts, I got dressed myself up and was intact for a successful day ahead. We left the hotel room around 8.30 AM and were waiting in a bus stop called “THE INNOVATIVE MULTIPLEX” which is a stop away from where I stayed.
                        We were clueless of how to proceed forward to the intended place and that is where my friend Prasanna came to the rescue. We decided to take an auto to the office, and on the way Prasanna did all the guidance about the entire stretch of the road. The office was located at a place called “ECOSPACE”.

(Continue watching this space to know about the “ECOSPACE”)….. Journey would Continue…….