Monday, 30 July 2012

Womanhood is not that Easy

                                                            This is what should have happened when God tried and created human figures on earth. Firstly, God should have chosen an anatomy, designed it a bit muscular and tall, filled it with a lot of temperament, solid heart, a mediocre brain and lastly decorate it with all rough and tough characters possible on earth. Taking a look at all his inventions he should not have got satisfaction, happiness, joy, pleasure and would have started re-working on his product. This time he should have chosen an appealing anatomy, designed it curvy, filled it with a lot of responsibility, tender heart and intellectual property and lastly should have sprinkled it with soft, gentle, humble and responsible characteristics. Re-visiting his work he should have really been ecstatic and pleased and would have sent it to the earth in a ratio which would always keep the former after the latter for all its requisites and supports. The former were named “MEN” and the latter “WOMEN”.
                                       “No doubt that Man was created first, as the rough draft will always be prepared first and then the Fair Draft”.
                                                Right from her birth a woman is destined with plentiful roles and responsibilities which she inculcates at each and every stage in her life and that women have become part and parcel of everybody’s life and she touches us in some ways. Having said all these, I need to prove you guys that the above statements were not wrong (we are in a country where evidences speak louder than humans) and so I would like to take you through the various ways by which women touches us in all forms of our lives.  
                             I have no language to express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother's love. Being a full-time mother is the toughest job in the whole world as you need to deliver care, love, friendship and all feelings that exist on earth. Motherhood is the purest and the most desirable phase of every girl’s life cycle. She carries us in her heart and soul, cuddles us, loves us, and is happy for us even before we come into existence. The kind of pain she undergoes the entire reign of pregnancy is something which cannot be put in writing.
                             A woman has to undergo an unbearable pain during a delivery in spite of which she is immensely happy for the by-product. She takes into consideration of the fact that she has a life inside her and then acts accordingly each and every time very consciously. It is more like a sacrificing her own style of living. After the baby is born, she just showers it with abundant love. She watches it grow being besides it all the time. She teaches it all good and bad, do‘s and don’ts, moral etiquette and she chisels it with all positive characters. Mother is one soul in earth who always wants good things to happen to her baby.
                             The word ‘Mother’ itself implicates a number of roles that she needs to play. She has to be a mother to the just born, a teacher to the little grownups, a friend to her adult children, a well-wisher to her married children and baby to her grandchildren.
                             Amongst the exponentially increasing population there are women who wakes up at four in the morning, do all the cooking, wake their lazy husbands up, wake their babies up, do all the assists for their husbands, eat after feeding their babies up, do all the households, play with the babies, do their hobbies, being a watchdog for their babies and at last sleep after making their babies sleep which would probably be a half past eleven. She does the same round the clock and still enjoys doing the routine which is an eventual outcome of her love towards the family.
                             There are women who sit with their children and ensure that they do their home works regularly, make them study, sit beside them and teach them all that they wanted, counsel them and at last take effective steps to ensure that their children are propelling towards the right direction.
                             There are certain other women who treat their grown up children as their friends, suggest them good paths/ideas, be with them through their tough times, support them in all aspects and at last live life up to their expectations.
                             There are women, who make the best life partner for their children happen, want their children to have an ecstatic life and would wish to have their grandchildren play with them.

                             As portrayed above, a mother plays an important role in everybody’s life. The care, the love, the truth, the warmth, the blessing, the cuddle and the life you get from mothers are the best. I would love to end this with an example which by itself would exemplify the mother’s love which comes to them by default.
          A boy is done with his interview and had just entered the hall room of his house and the clock ticks half past three. He is encountered by everybody in the family with arrows of questions which goes so,
          Father: “How did you do the interview? Will you get through it?”
          Brother: “Will you get though at least this time?”
          Sister: “Will you manage to get a job in there?”
          Mother: “Did you have anything for you lunch?”
This kind of care and love comes by default to mothers and always respect it. At this juncture, I would love to end this by stating this,
                                      This is one important role that every woman gets to play during her life span. This role is like being the second mother to their husbands. Anybody would always love to get married when that special person keeps showering you abundant love and care. Wives are like men’s shadow; they are always with them. I would like to put it this way,
          “FOR THE HUSBANDS, BY THE HUSBANDS, TO THE HUSBANDS”                                 

                                           This population also constitutes wives who support husbands in all aspects, understand them fully, love them unconditionally, share with them the entire burden and joy, be with them and love their live with them as one. Wives wake husbands up, assist them in all aspects, prepare them good food, advice them morally, takes part in important decision making, manages monetary, run the family and above all takes care of their husbands like their babies. They are like your mother, friend, well-wisher and care-taker who love to share love with you. She is one lady who has come with you to take part in all the sad and happy happenings in your life.
                                      You can always trust her and share with her any important stuff for which she gives you a solution so flawlessly. Wives are one soul on which every husband depend during tough times of their lives. They want their wives to be besides them, hold their hands and tell them, “No worries dear, everything will be okay”. Wives are beings who are always for you and with you holding you hand. The things they expect you to do are to love them unconditionally, save money for the future, keep the tradition up, care for them like your baby and run the family with at most happiness. They teach you very important lessons for life. They leave you behind with all positive aspects of a happy life. A very honest request from my side,
                             This relationship on earth is said to be one pure, enjoyable and demanding. You can share with your sister you everything which you sometimes might hide from your parents even. They are creatures who always care, love and lead you from the front. They love you, they trust you and above all they respect you as a brother. They teach you many aspects of a very happy life. Sisters are always like younger-moms, who have got the traits of her mother from the genes. Your sister might play a million pranks one you, but still she is one soul who loves you more than anybody else. She is one good soul who wants her brothers to succeed in all aspects of life. She is there for you and with you in all the stages of life. Your sister can do your assignment, can help you at your work, can cook for you, can assist you in all the activities and above all suggest you some good shades of life. She is there to support you, love you, hug you, kiss you, care for you and be with you.
          A sister is a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile”
            “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there”
            “What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?”

                                    You cannot ask for more when you have a daughter who is so charming, lovely, intelligent, chubby and caring. She can be a good remedy for all your pain and sorrows. Her touch, her words, her feel, her innocence can heal your wounds. She loves you a lot and she is after you all the times expecting a lot of love and care from you. A daughter’s best friend can be none other than her own dad. She loves him like God. She expects her dad to be a part and parcel of her all time life. Your daughters can support you, love you and care for you the way your mom and wife does. She grows up in your light and she throws light on you at a later point in time and you can raise your collars up and tell the whole world that she is my daughter. She brings in a lot of joy on to herself as well to the home.  Bringing up daughter is an art when you have the right knowledge about it. Chisel her with all the best that can happen in her life and trust me your life will be the best.     

                                               Keep loving women the way it is meant to be. Women are god forms on earth who deserve a lot of respect and love. Put them in the right places and this society can go places.
                                                Last but not the least, I would like to dedicate this not so good write up to my mom who is always there for me, my sisters who are always there for me to guide me right, all my relatives who are women , all my friends who are women and all the women on earth. This goes out to you. Love you all.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

In Bangalore, Money Makes Many Things - 1

                                                   Hi People, this is an ardent effort to exemplify what possibly money can do and how greatly it can influence your living style. In this post I am trying and bringing out all those activities of people (Blood Money) that can really amuse you and those which have an edge over the other people's lifestyle. This is truly an outcome of what I see daily and trust me I am not exaggerating things. You guys should count me on the fact that I don't write this with sheer jealousy of having lacking lifestyle of this kind and that I write this to encourage a number of souls who wanted and want things to happen this way. I bring it to your kind notice that I will be one among many of these once I am well off in terms of pecuniary concerns. Guys here we go,

1)Your Almighty Dollar notes can fetch your 4 or 5 years old dwindling son/daughter a tennis racquet :
                                                               I have seen a number of children below 4 or 5 years with their tennis racquets on which only a bloody rich man/woman can afford as nobody else would be interested, investing around 4000 rupees on racquets for children who can’t even walk properly. These children would reluctantly come to the court and would hesitantly start whatever others do on the venue. The primary concern would be the weight of the racquets despite which they learn and play shots as well. This might sound like a dawning exposure to the budding petals, but still I feel this is a kind of lavish monetary act.

2)Your printed Currency notes will not restrict yourself from giving your 5 or 6 year old son/daughter a Blackberry/I phone/HTC or any costly phone for that matter :
                                                                 This is a very predominant sight in Bangalore. A very little boy or girl would be seen playing/exploring/breaking his/her dad’s costly phones which at times even the elders would handle cautiously as they are very fragile. This kind of acts needs extra flowing currencies on your pockets and a very sportive mentality as the phones can be broken at any point in time.

3)    Your denominated currency notes can account to the lavish  birthday celebrations of one or two years old son/daughter who cannot even comprehend the happening :
                                                                 This is one serious issue happening almost all over the country or world I believe. The first birthday celebrations of a baby would happen lavishly and flamboyantly in star rated hotels, guest houses or even at their own houses for which a hefty crowd would turn up showing their latest accessories and attires off. The little baby would get squeezed encountering a sudden downpour of love from everybody in the crowd.  This gesture needs immense currency notes which will give you the courage to celebrate your baby’s birthday who does not even understand the happenings.

 Keep watching this space out to find out what more your money can do…… Happy reading…..

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Movie Review - Billa 2

                                                  Despite a considerable rainfall, I along with fourteen other men perambulated towards the multiplex which had screened the “First Prequel in the History of Indian Cinema” – “Billa-2”, the much hyped and the much awaited film of the year for a decent number of people of the state. We entered the arena shouting and howling the favorite star’s name along with the alias. The theater was almost full which had all groups of audiences. We had booked tickets worth 200 rupees and were made to sit on the balcony (Gold Class). The theater went crazy even for the commercials and with this I think you can make the expectation out of the film.
                                          The movies started with one of the best dialogues of the movie which goes, “En vaazhkaila ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum, en ovoory nodiyum nana sedhukinadhu da” (I have chiseled all my days of my life time) and the theatre went into a howl riot. Not a big introduction though, the modulation was perfect which set the environment for a perfect opening scene. The then came title block which had a beautiful story inscribed in it. The director had tried and compressed the happenings in the don’s life as the credits ran in parallel. This definitely needs applause. Finally the Don, Ajith Kumar in his stupendous looks takes authority of the screen as the credits paves way for him to perform.
                                    The story starts by portraying Ajith as a refugee who leads his life along the shores. Due to his miserable family conditions, Ajith accepts to take the Arial route. He offers an acceptance for an assignment which ensures the transportation of fishes to Chennai intact where he encounters the first blood bath. He reaches Chennai and becomes a big shot by working for “Annachi”, a local goon. His immediate big assignment fetches him a cordial relationship with one of the biggest weapon dealers of the country. The initial days goes pleasant whereas a split occurs between the two at a point in time. The climax revolves around many places across the globe where the Don fights with his primary competitor and the curtains are brought down showing how the Don is made.            
                                    The director has taken almost a couple of hours and few minutes to narrate the story. He has also used a couple of super hot heroines whose characters are not that strong. They just come fill the frames and then they go. Their characterizations were not that strong and stubborn. It was more like exploitation of heroines, as he had gone a step ahead of using the heroines just as glam dolls. The background music was not that impressive except for a very few portions. The songs were literally wasted. The visuals were not that great except for “Unnakulle Mirugam”. The “Gansgter” song was wasted as well.
                                    The visuals of “Unakulle Mirugam” deserve a special laude. It was a bold attempt and they have succeeded in impressing the audience flawlessly. It is a debut of its kind. The director could have taken extra care as far as transitions between the scenes are concerned as it looked ugly and disjointed at many a place. The         screenplay was not up to the mark.
                                    The dialogues were good and when it came out of Ajith’s mouth it emerged extraordinary. Ajith has done a commendable job in the re-recordings. His modulations were apt and you cannot ask for more. The stunts were okay. No fights ended without a bloody bath. The hero takes his guns out and shoots anybody and everybody which could have been avoided. Costumes were apt. Asusual Ajith puts his coats on (Subject needs it though, I don’t blame him).
                                    The climax was not that interesting as the subsequent sequences were so obvious. For the kind of hype this movie had created, I thought climax would drag us to the end of our seats which was missing from a larger margin. I personally appreciate Ajith for having taken a mammoth effort on the climax sequence where he hangs from a helicopter which many a hero would step aside.
                                    In nutshell, Ajith has solemnly carried the movie right from the first frame to the last frame. If this movie was a hit it was definitely of the hero and nothing else could have added to the success. With an artist like Ajith, any other director would have taken this movie to the next level as Chakri fails miserably. You can always see this movie once and this lacks the ability to pull the crowd a couple more times. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your tickets and enjoy Ajith on the screens.

VERDICT: One man show which fails to pull the crowd for a couple of times more.

Monday, 16 July 2012


                                                These folks enter the pantry (an area which is 1/16th of the floor where the coffee/tea vending machines are kept along with fewer cookies to be munched) after a royal march. They grab a mug out of the lot; wash it three or four times to ensure at most cleanliness and then finally place it underneath the machine’s outlet to get the mugs filled in with their favorite drink (lemon tea, obviously as these guys are very diet conscious (I feel like putting my hands into my mouth and vomit out when I say this as I am one guy who have seen them eating pizzas like monsters) and where would their conscience go when they eat all the junkies?). They gulp the liquid taking their own time which would accompany “the talk of the town” topics, sports, cinema and fashion that raises their decibels beyond other’s temperament.
                                                Their next agenda after the tea break would be a smoke break. There will be places called “Smoking Designated Zones” inside almost all the IT parks. To everybody’s astonishment, there will always be few ladies engulfed inside these zones and that is when I understood the literal meaning of the saying, “We women are always equal to men”. The first time I saw a woman smoke, I was literally taken a back and was very panicky considering the society’s pity plight (I do not want to talk much on that, though). I learnt at a later point in time that it is quite predominant that women smoke here.
                                                After all these are done, they get to their seats back reluctantly and open their outlooks to see if they have got some new mails. They reply a few back, ignore a few, skim through a few and delete a few without even reading. By the time they do all these stuffs they would be half an hour short of their own lunch break timings. They bridge this gap skimming through all possible newspapers that exists on earth. As soon as the hour hand or the minute hand in the watch reaches their intended destinations, they start traveling on foot as a team to the nearby restaurants or their cafeterias. I tell you IT guys experiment a lot on foods. You can never see the same group of people on the same restaurants that were visited by them previously.

                                                They return to their seats after a very lengthy lunch breaks which can often go up to two or three hours. One default window that will be kept opened in almost all IT employees’ desk would be the Outlook window which reflects all the mails from their mail boxes. After done with lunch, they open this window to check if something had really come up which helps them while their time away. After a minimal time, people would gather up in the pantry to have a cup of coffee which would put an end to all their yawning. Post their coffee break they would be left with an hour or two before they call it a day. This time would be used to take any sorts of printouts, attending calls, booking tickets, checking bank balances and finally reporting or testing or developing if at all they do not have anything to do with the former list of activities.
                                                The wait for the clock to tick five times would predominantly continue right from the morning but even increases after quarter past four. As soon as the hands of the clocks get arranged in such a way that the short hand stands at five and the longer hand stands at twelve, they pack the bags in a jiffy and run towards the lifts as if they are going to catch a train that is about to depart in a minute or two. Lift being the only mode of vertical transit as average heights of the IT companies would be 8 or 9 floors; you can see a lot of cursing lips when the lifts do not come handy. Certain people in the group would believe that pressing the lift navigation buttons on the floors would help the lift travel faster and would keep pressing it umpteen times possible.
                                                Pushing and Pressing others people would manage a place inside the lift. They land at the basement parking zones and would start home on their own vehicles polluting the atmosphere as possible as they can. Those going by bus have to literally fight for their entry and egress as well off the bus. They reach homes in an hour or two depending on the day’s traffic and would be spotted at the local tiffin shops eating awfully putting their whole hand inside their mouths. Post their dinner, the day ends with their choice of drink.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

In Bangalore, Money Makes Many Things

                                                      This is an ardent effort to exemplify what possibly money can do and how greatly it can influence your living style. In this series I am trying and bringing out all those activities of people (Blood Money) that can really amuse you and that has got an edge over the other people's lifestyle. This is truly an outcome of what I see daily and trust me I am not exaggerating things. You guys should trust me on the fact that I don't write this with sheer jealousy of having lacking lifestyle of this kind and that I write this to encourage a number of souls who wanted and want things to happen this way. I bring it to your kind notice that I will be one among many of these once I am well off in terms of pecuniary concerns. So guys get ready to know all those what money can do and start living. I am ending the gist by requesting you to support all my new ventures as well.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Book Review - LOSER ( Life of a Software Engineer)

  It was a Monday afternoon when I and my brother Sathish Rajakumar bothered to give a damn at the book exhibition that was put up the right extreme of the vast cafeteria in my office. I was skimming through a lot of books. Most of the books seemed known, some seemed newer and few other seemed newest. Sathish started glancing through a number of technical books which always had the covers designed with names like Linux, c#, .net, Java and many other nauseating names. I wanted to play it safe and entered the rack that dealt with non-technical books. I found a number of famous fictions, novels and other animated story books for children.     Ad mist two big names in the field of fiction laid this book titled “LOSER” which stood for “Life of a Software Engineer. Since I feel nothing fascinating about IT and that this book bearing such a title I thought the author’s view and my view would go hand in hand and that there must be a greater connect for the thought process of the both. Paying 120 rupees on an offer for this book I left the place a happy man.
                                                The book starts with the author’s nitty-gritty which says he is one guy who has spent seven valuable years in the Software Industry and has gone through the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). This guy has been a part of big names such as Polaris Software Labs Ltd., Mphasis and Citius Solutions and that he has written a book titled “In their Shoes”.
                                                The substance of the book starts with a check list that helps you know if the book has come on right hands. The author puts forth eight odd questions which requires you to answer them using a “Yes” or “No” and that if any of your answer is a “Yes” and there you are! You are one lucky soul on earth whose money is benefitted and by the time you finish reading the book you are about to get a high return on investment on the amount you spent.
                                                The book also starts with a disclaimer that the book is not for the top bosses and that every attempt has been made by the publisher to ensure that the bookstores don not let bosses touch them. Project managers get their hands on this book, funny though which at a later point in time goes proved so true.
                                                This book covers almost all the IT jargons starting from what a Software Development Life Cycle is to what the term “Being in Bench” is. One highlight of this book is that the author uses so easy examples to quote what actually happens in the industry. He uses two examples: 1) Columbus discovering America, 2) A bride and a groom’s first meet for an arranged marriage setup for illustrating the major IT happenings and does that flawlessly.
                                                He uses simple and soothing language in order to make the reading experience memorable. He has put words to places that would convey more than what is expected out of them. The language used was awesome and the grammar seems so perfect. This guy has made writing look so easy. It can be considered one induction manual for all those who want to be a part of the industry. This book clearly throws light on what exactly happens in the back ground of the industry.
                                                           This book is the best one for people who are carried away by the mere look and feel of the company. This book is one good guide for all the parents who urge their children to be a part of this industry when their interest lies somewhere else. This book goes out to all those who think people in the Software Industry are Gods and that they have the power to do anything and everything.
                                                            I strongly recommend this hilarious book for all those who are aspiring to be a part of the industry and find out what actually happens in and around the industry. This book gives you a powerful insight of what a Software Industry is all about. Happy Reading!!
VERDICT: Narration at its best !!!