Sunday, 22 July 2012

In Bangalore, Money Makes Many Things - 1

                                                   Hi People, this is an ardent effort to exemplify what possibly money can do and how greatly it can influence your living style. In this post I am trying and bringing out all those activities of people (Blood Money) that can really amuse you and those which have an edge over the other people's lifestyle. This is truly an outcome of what I see daily and trust me I am not exaggerating things. You guys should count me on the fact that I don't write this with sheer jealousy of having lacking lifestyle of this kind and that I write this to encourage a number of souls who wanted and want things to happen this way. I bring it to your kind notice that I will be one among many of these once I am well off in terms of pecuniary concerns. Guys here we go,

1)Your Almighty Dollar notes can fetch your 4 or 5 years old dwindling son/daughter a tennis racquet :
                                                               I have seen a number of children below 4 or 5 years with their tennis racquets on which only a bloody rich man/woman can afford as nobody else would be interested, investing around 4000 rupees on racquets for children who can’t even walk properly. These children would reluctantly come to the court and would hesitantly start whatever others do on the venue. The primary concern would be the weight of the racquets despite which they learn and play shots as well. This might sound like a dawning exposure to the budding petals, but still I feel this is a kind of lavish monetary act.

2)Your printed Currency notes will not restrict yourself from giving your 5 or 6 year old son/daughter a Blackberry/I phone/HTC or any costly phone for that matter :
                                                                 This is a very predominant sight in Bangalore. A very little boy or girl would be seen playing/exploring/breaking his/her dad’s costly phones which at times even the elders would handle cautiously as they are very fragile. This kind of acts needs extra flowing currencies on your pockets and a very sportive mentality as the phones can be broken at any point in time.

3)    Your denominated currency notes can account to the lavish  birthday celebrations of one or two years old son/daughter who cannot even comprehend the happening :
                                                                 This is one serious issue happening almost all over the country or world I believe. The first birthday celebrations of a baby would happen lavishly and flamboyantly in star rated hotels, guest houses or even at their own houses for which a hefty crowd would turn up showing their latest accessories and attires off. The little baby would get squeezed encountering a sudden downpour of love from everybody in the crowd.  This gesture needs immense currency notes which will give you the courage to celebrate your baby’s birthday who does not even understand the happenings.

 Keep watching this space out to find out what more your money can do…… Happy reading…..

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