Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Book Review - LOSER ( Life of a Software Engineer)

  It was a Monday afternoon when I and my brother Sathish Rajakumar bothered to give a damn at the book exhibition that was put up the right extreme of the vast cafeteria in my office. I was skimming through a lot of books. Most of the books seemed known, some seemed newer and few other seemed newest. Sathish started glancing through a number of technical books which always had the covers designed with names like Linux, c#, .net, Java and many other nauseating names. I wanted to play it safe and entered the rack that dealt with non-technical books. I found a number of famous fictions, novels and other animated story books for children.     Ad mist two big names in the field of fiction laid this book titled “LOSER” which stood for “Life of a Software Engineer. Since I feel nothing fascinating about IT and that this book bearing such a title I thought the author’s view and my view would go hand in hand and that there must be a greater connect for the thought process of the both. Paying 120 rupees on an offer for this book I left the place a happy man.
                                                The book starts with the author’s nitty-gritty which says he is one guy who has spent seven valuable years in the Software Industry and has gone through the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). This guy has been a part of big names such as Polaris Software Labs Ltd., Mphasis and Citius Solutions and that he has written a book titled “In their Shoes”.
                                                The substance of the book starts with a check list that helps you know if the book has come on right hands. The author puts forth eight odd questions which requires you to answer them using a “Yes” or “No” and that if any of your answer is a “Yes” and there you are! You are one lucky soul on earth whose money is benefitted and by the time you finish reading the book you are about to get a high return on investment on the amount you spent.
                                                The book also starts with a disclaimer that the book is not for the top bosses and that every attempt has been made by the publisher to ensure that the bookstores don not let bosses touch them. Project managers get their hands on this book, funny though which at a later point in time goes proved so true.
                                                This book covers almost all the IT jargons starting from what a Software Development Life Cycle is to what the term “Being in Bench” is. One highlight of this book is that the author uses so easy examples to quote what actually happens in the industry. He uses two examples: 1) Columbus discovering America, 2) A bride and a groom’s first meet for an arranged marriage setup for illustrating the major IT happenings and does that flawlessly.
                                                He uses simple and soothing language in order to make the reading experience memorable. He has put words to places that would convey more than what is expected out of them. The language used was awesome and the grammar seems so perfect. This guy has made writing look so easy. It can be considered one induction manual for all those who want to be a part of the industry. This book clearly throws light on what exactly happens in the back ground of the industry.
                                                           This book is the best one for people who are carried away by the mere look and feel of the company. This book is one good guide for all the parents who urge their children to be a part of this industry when their interest lies somewhere else. This book goes out to all those who think people in the Software Industry are Gods and that they have the power to do anything and everything.
                                                            I strongly recommend this hilarious book for all those who are aspiring to be a part of the industry and find out what actually happens in and around the industry. This book gives you a powerful insight of what a Software Industry is all about. Happy Reading!!
VERDICT: Narration at its best !!!

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