Monday, 30 July 2012

Womanhood is not that Easy

                                                            This is what should have happened when God tried and created human figures on earth. Firstly, God should have chosen an anatomy, designed it a bit muscular and tall, filled it with a lot of temperament, solid heart, a mediocre brain and lastly decorate it with all rough and tough characters possible on earth. Taking a look at all his inventions he should not have got satisfaction, happiness, joy, pleasure and would have started re-working on his product. This time he should have chosen an appealing anatomy, designed it curvy, filled it with a lot of responsibility, tender heart and intellectual property and lastly should have sprinkled it with soft, gentle, humble and responsible characteristics. Re-visiting his work he should have really been ecstatic and pleased and would have sent it to the earth in a ratio which would always keep the former after the latter for all its requisites and supports. The former were named “MEN” and the latter “WOMEN”.
                                       “No doubt that Man was created first, as the rough draft will always be prepared first and then the Fair Draft”.
                                                Right from her birth a woman is destined with plentiful roles and responsibilities which she inculcates at each and every stage in her life and that women have become part and parcel of everybody’s life and she touches us in some ways. Having said all these, I need to prove you guys that the above statements were not wrong (we are in a country where evidences speak louder than humans) and so I would like to take you through the various ways by which women touches us in all forms of our lives.  
                             I have no language to express the power, beauty, heroism and majesty of a mother's love. Being a full-time mother is the toughest job in the whole world as you need to deliver care, love, friendship and all feelings that exist on earth. Motherhood is the purest and the most desirable phase of every girl’s life cycle. She carries us in her heart and soul, cuddles us, loves us, and is happy for us even before we come into existence. The kind of pain she undergoes the entire reign of pregnancy is something which cannot be put in writing.
                             A woman has to undergo an unbearable pain during a delivery in spite of which she is immensely happy for the by-product. She takes into consideration of the fact that she has a life inside her and then acts accordingly each and every time very consciously. It is more like a sacrificing her own style of living. After the baby is born, she just showers it with abundant love. She watches it grow being besides it all the time. She teaches it all good and bad, do‘s and don’ts, moral etiquette and she chisels it with all positive characters. Mother is one soul in earth who always wants good things to happen to her baby.
                             The word ‘Mother’ itself implicates a number of roles that she needs to play. She has to be a mother to the just born, a teacher to the little grownups, a friend to her adult children, a well-wisher to her married children and baby to her grandchildren.
                             Amongst the exponentially increasing population there are women who wakes up at four in the morning, do all the cooking, wake their lazy husbands up, wake their babies up, do all the assists for their husbands, eat after feeding their babies up, do all the households, play with the babies, do their hobbies, being a watchdog for their babies and at last sleep after making their babies sleep which would probably be a half past eleven. She does the same round the clock and still enjoys doing the routine which is an eventual outcome of her love towards the family.
                             There are women who sit with their children and ensure that they do their home works regularly, make them study, sit beside them and teach them all that they wanted, counsel them and at last take effective steps to ensure that their children are propelling towards the right direction.
                             There are certain other women who treat their grown up children as their friends, suggest them good paths/ideas, be with them through their tough times, support them in all aspects and at last live life up to their expectations.
                             There are women, who make the best life partner for their children happen, want their children to have an ecstatic life and would wish to have their grandchildren play with them.

                             As portrayed above, a mother plays an important role in everybody’s life. The care, the love, the truth, the warmth, the blessing, the cuddle and the life you get from mothers are the best. I would love to end this with an example which by itself would exemplify the mother’s love which comes to them by default.
          A boy is done with his interview and had just entered the hall room of his house and the clock ticks half past three. He is encountered by everybody in the family with arrows of questions which goes so,
          Father: “How did you do the interview? Will you get through it?”
          Brother: “Will you get though at least this time?”
          Sister: “Will you manage to get a job in there?”
          Mother: “Did you have anything for you lunch?”
This kind of care and love comes by default to mothers and always respect it. At this juncture, I would love to end this by stating this,
                                      This is one important role that every woman gets to play during her life span. This role is like being the second mother to their husbands. Anybody would always love to get married when that special person keeps showering you abundant love and care. Wives are like men’s shadow; they are always with them. I would like to put it this way,
          “FOR THE HUSBANDS, BY THE HUSBANDS, TO THE HUSBANDS”                                 

                                           This population also constitutes wives who support husbands in all aspects, understand them fully, love them unconditionally, share with them the entire burden and joy, be with them and love their live with them as one. Wives wake husbands up, assist them in all aspects, prepare them good food, advice them morally, takes part in important decision making, manages monetary, run the family and above all takes care of their husbands like their babies. They are like your mother, friend, well-wisher and care-taker who love to share love with you. She is one lady who has come with you to take part in all the sad and happy happenings in your life.
                                      You can always trust her and share with her any important stuff for which she gives you a solution so flawlessly. Wives are one soul on which every husband depend during tough times of their lives. They want their wives to be besides them, hold their hands and tell them, “No worries dear, everything will be okay”. Wives are beings who are always for you and with you holding you hand. The things they expect you to do are to love them unconditionally, save money for the future, keep the tradition up, care for them like your baby and run the family with at most happiness. They teach you very important lessons for life. They leave you behind with all positive aspects of a happy life. A very honest request from my side,
                             This relationship on earth is said to be one pure, enjoyable and demanding. You can share with your sister you everything which you sometimes might hide from your parents even. They are creatures who always care, love and lead you from the front. They love you, they trust you and above all they respect you as a brother. They teach you many aspects of a very happy life. Sisters are always like younger-moms, who have got the traits of her mother from the genes. Your sister might play a million pranks one you, but still she is one soul who loves you more than anybody else. She is one good soul who wants her brothers to succeed in all aspects of life. She is there for you and with you in all the stages of life. Your sister can do your assignment, can help you at your work, can cook for you, can assist you in all the activities and above all suggest you some good shades of life. She is there to support you, love you, hug you, kiss you, care for you and be with you.
          A sister is a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile”
            “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there”
            “What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?”

                                    You cannot ask for more when you have a daughter who is so charming, lovely, intelligent, chubby and caring. She can be a good remedy for all your pain and sorrows. Her touch, her words, her feel, her innocence can heal your wounds. She loves you a lot and she is after you all the times expecting a lot of love and care from you. A daughter’s best friend can be none other than her own dad. She loves him like God. She expects her dad to be a part and parcel of her all time life. Your daughters can support you, love you and care for you the way your mom and wife does. She grows up in your light and she throws light on you at a later point in time and you can raise your collars up and tell the whole world that she is my daughter. She brings in a lot of joy on to herself as well to the home.  Bringing up daughter is an art when you have the right knowledge about it. Chisel her with all the best that can happen in her life and trust me your life will be the best.     

                                               Keep loving women the way it is meant to be. Women are god forms on earth who deserve a lot of respect and love. Put them in the right places and this society can go places.
                                                Last but not the least, I would like to dedicate this not so good write up to my mom who is always there for me, my sisters who are always there for me to guide me right, all my relatives who are women , all my friends who are women and all the women on earth. This goes out to you. Love you all.


  1. Awesome...true n touchng....:)luv u bro...:D:D

  2. Brilliant Effort...I like this post among your's all....i like the part about mother.This interview situation happened my life when I failed to get job from TCS...My mom also said the same words wt u mentioned here...Keep going da macha...All the Best..:-)

  3. u really got stuffs da mams :) u shud be appreciated to take choosin this topic da :) i can feel the dedication and ur research u undergone to prepare this :) the discrimination u made for women playin various roles in their various stages of life is ossom :) especially the things u described abt mother is fantastic da :) hereafter grls cud not say "its a grl thing " :P and i deny this [to restore the masculine pride] :P:D hw dare u insult ourselves ?!
    “No doubt that Man was created first, as the rough draft will always be prepared first and then the Fair Draft” good job buddy :) i became a fan of urs by readin this :) keep on rockin da :) thanx for the share ;)

  4. realllyyy superbb na... semma.... heart touching words..... keeeppp goingg... :) :) :) :)

  5. Gokul super da :).There are more powerful words in this article...Ethuku nee oru writer aga kudathu :):):):) Keep rocking da......

    Manoj Chander.R

  6. Dis s d Best outta al..!!! :) Very True nd Touchin lines!!!!!

  7. super like!! loved d role of mother.. awesome.. u ve potrayed your thoughts nicely... expecting more... do well...

  8. Yeah its a pretty old one, but this made me cry, omg I am still crying....!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment upon this... sorry that i made you cry and i am happy that you cried realizing what womanhood means to the world :) :)

  9. Great post!
    Simple but yet so powerful.
    I have two sons and only I know how much I prayed for a daughter while I was expecting second time. But guess, god has different plans for me... :)

    1. Thanks a ton for your comment upon it !!
      And yeah surely,god has different plans for you !!
      Cheers !!