Thursday, 19 July 2012

Movie Review - Billa 2

                                                  Despite a considerable rainfall, I along with fourteen other men perambulated towards the multiplex which had screened the “First Prequel in the History of Indian Cinema” – “Billa-2”, the much hyped and the much awaited film of the year for a decent number of people of the state. We entered the arena shouting and howling the favorite star’s name along with the alias. The theater was almost full which had all groups of audiences. We had booked tickets worth 200 rupees and were made to sit on the balcony (Gold Class). The theater went crazy even for the commercials and with this I think you can make the expectation out of the film.
                                          The movies started with one of the best dialogues of the movie which goes, “En vaazhkaila ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum, en ovoory nodiyum nana sedhukinadhu da” (I have chiseled all my days of my life time) and the theatre went into a howl riot. Not a big introduction though, the modulation was perfect which set the environment for a perfect opening scene. The then came title block which had a beautiful story inscribed in it. The director had tried and compressed the happenings in the don’s life as the credits ran in parallel. This definitely needs applause. Finally the Don, Ajith Kumar in his stupendous looks takes authority of the screen as the credits paves way for him to perform.
                                    The story starts by portraying Ajith as a refugee who leads his life along the shores. Due to his miserable family conditions, Ajith accepts to take the Arial route. He offers an acceptance for an assignment which ensures the transportation of fishes to Chennai intact where he encounters the first blood bath. He reaches Chennai and becomes a big shot by working for “Annachi”, a local goon. His immediate big assignment fetches him a cordial relationship with one of the biggest weapon dealers of the country. The initial days goes pleasant whereas a split occurs between the two at a point in time. The climax revolves around many places across the globe where the Don fights with his primary competitor and the curtains are brought down showing how the Don is made.            
                                    The director has taken almost a couple of hours and few minutes to narrate the story. He has also used a couple of super hot heroines whose characters are not that strong. They just come fill the frames and then they go. Their characterizations were not that strong and stubborn. It was more like exploitation of heroines, as he had gone a step ahead of using the heroines just as glam dolls. The background music was not that impressive except for a very few portions. The songs were literally wasted. The visuals were not that great except for “Unnakulle Mirugam”. The “Gansgter” song was wasted as well.
                                    The visuals of “Unakulle Mirugam” deserve a special laude. It was a bold attempt and they have succeeded in impressing the audience flawlessly. It is a debut of its kind. The director could have taken extra care as far as transitions between the scenes are concerned as it looked ugly and disjointed at many a place. The         screenplay was not up to the mark.
                                    The dialogues were good and when it came out of Ajith’s mouth it emerged extraordinary. Ajith has done a commendable job in the re-recordings. His modulations were apt and you cannot ask for more. The stunts were okay. No fights ended without a bloody bath. The hero takes his guns out and shoots anybody and everybody which could have been avoided. Costumes were apt. Asusual Ajith puts his coats on (Subject needs it though, I don’t blame him).
                                    The climax was not that interesting as the subsequent sequences were so obvious. For the kind of hype this movie had created, I thought climax would drag us to the end of our seats which was missing from a larger margin. I personally appreciate Ajith for having taken a mammoth effort on the climax sequence where he hangs from a helicopter which many a hero would step aside.
                                    In nutshell, Ajith has solemnly carried the movie right from the first frame to the last frame. If this movie was a hit it was definitely of the hero and nothing else could have added to the success. With an artist like Ajith, any other director would have taken this movie to the next level as Chakri fails miserably. You can always see this movie once and this lacks the ability to pull the crowd a couple more times. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your tickets and enjoy Ajith on the screens.

VERDICT: One man show which fails to pull the crowd for a couple of times more.


  1. Coming from a hardcore Vijay fan , this is like a birthday present to Ajith fans I guess. The movie must be good!

    1. Na than solitenla da... Neutral la paaka porenu.....

    2. As if they gna give a damn at wat i say :P :P :P