Monday, 27 August 2012

Movie Review - Step Up : The Revolution

                                                This week of mine saw an incredible holiday trip to one of my favorite cities of the country, Chennai. Having spent the first day with my relatives of all age groups, I along with three of my cousins of contemporary age groups was set ready for an expedition. We headed the vehicles towards the PVR cinemas which was an occupant in one of the largest malls in the city. By the time we reached the theatre the clock ticked four times. One of my cousins took the money out and went to get the tickets booked for any of the Tamil movies that have been screened out there. It was nearly half an hour after which the guy turned up with four tickets for the English movie “Step Up: The Revolution” after failing miserably to get for ourselves a place inside the theater where any of the Tamil movies that was being screened. Initially, we cursed him to death for having done such a costly blunder as we thought that the movie would not stand up to such costly expectations which at a later point in time got proved wrong. Grabbing our 3D glasses we entered the arena with a moderate enthusiasm.
                                                The movie opened up with alongside a busy city in the United States of America, where the traffic gets mounted up and people are kept at the bay for some time. The camera then captures the Anatomy of a girl who opens her baggage up to get her DJ kits on. As soon as the DJ starts the dancers thrall the roads from the cars and they dance for a peppy number. The dance was amazing and the way they captured it deserves a laud.  This is supposed to be the first dance number of the movie and it stands tall up to the expectation. Post the dance, the true faces of the dancers are thrown to light and their professions are thrown light at. They work as waiters in a restaurant and they mob part-time. The subsequent scenes see the introduction of the heroine, Emilie and the way the hero and the heroine starts gelling up. This troop starts mobbing at various parts of the city so as to keep their hits on the YouTube on a run which earns them few pennies if they succeed doing it. The climax sees a revolutionary mob for a specific reason that stood a landmark for the film (which you guys can probably catch up at the theatres). The movie was occupied by a number of mobs which does not bore the audience but only put them to astonishment. The movie had an underlying romantic story which was carried away well by the director.
                                                The movie was filled in with four to five mob sequences that really amaze you. The movie was led off with a stupendous dance number which sets your expectation bars high. The second mob was an eye-catching number which involved a lot of artistic works imbibed in it. The third mob takes place at an office which deserves an ovation for the kind of impact it made on the people. It mesmerizes you literally. You will be amazed to see such dance forms that would not have caught your attentions so far.  The subsequent mobs stood uniquely different from each other a lot in the way it was presented. The climax saw an exemplary effort from the artists who even have risked their lives for those sequences. The movements were mind-blowing, amazing, fantabulous and funky. It was a perfect finish to a perfectly started movie.
                                                The cinematographer has done an astonishing work with the camera. The camera takes your through many a place which deserves a watch. The background was so appropriate. It sounded the way it should actually do at each and every part of the movie. The music was soothing, rocking, pleasant, wanting, inspiring and so were the songs. Although you get a feel like a too many of the artists at work, the castings were apt and perfect. The boys wore a sporty, trendy, affinitive look and the girls were hot, romantic and sexy. The efforts of all the artists speak for itself in the movie. The costumes were cool and pleasant. The movie involves a lot of work for various forms of arts. It has got something to do with dance, something to do with graffiti, something to do with paints and something to do with brains as well.
                                                The movie takes one hour and fifty minutes to convey what it ought to. The director has taken maximum efforts to make the movie interesting and involving in which he succeeds as well, kudos. The transition between the scenes was flawless. In nutshell, it is a visual treat for all those art lovers with dancers getting the maximum benefits. In the movie dance does wonders.
                                                Despite the fact that this is my kind of a movie I caught this up in theaters this late and would advice you not so wait beyond. Go grab your tickets and dance with the movie.



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