Wednesday, 23 May 2012


                        Hi people, talking a lot about things that revolve around me and my friends, I decided to talk something so general in this post that would arouse everybody’s interest as not in the case of previous posts. I thought I needed a break from all these routine topics and so decided to take up a topic that majority of the people could easily relate themselves with. Deciding to go conventional, I wanted to end my long wish run by the form of this post. Yes, I was very keen in bringing it to your attention of how professional the so called “CORPORATES” of Bangalore behave.
                        This post is purely based on my observations for the past few days which desperately demanded this kind of awareness amongst us so as to check if we are really that “CORPORATES” and do we really deserve to be called one.
                       This post is an outcome of my true understandings about the term “professional” that was dealt with during my college reign and please do not take it too personal if at all this is going to hurt your conscience. As the saying goes, “To Err is Human”, so do I and absolutely welcome any corrections if at all anybody feel that I am wrong at any point in time.
                        The college I was into was round the clock concentrating on students being so professional to the college that would help them adapt easily to the metamorphosis and so the then trend in the college developed in me a picture that a professional corporate is one who is very formally dressed with their cuff buttons on, who is clean shaved, who wears a decent buckled belt and wears clean polished shoes. Having kept this picture in mind, I came to Bangalore where my professional career started and found the very scenario contradicting a lot of what my picture depicted and found the word “CORPORATES” to be a trimmed form of the word “CORPORATION”.  Yes, people here do behave like people who work for corporations with least sincerity and austerity.
                        The day for the locale corporate starts at 9 in the morning and that is when they start getting themselves ready for the office. Getting dressed appropriately (would be dealt with at a later part of the post) these guys step out of the house to nearby bus stops. Once the bus comes to the bus bay, even without minding others nearby, they start heading (running like they had seen a bus for the first time in their lives) towards the bus’ entrance even stamping, pushing, and pulling the neighbors in the bus stop.  When this is the case with the bus-goers, many a people choose car as a medium of transit. This scenario would be the worst possible picture in the town and would demand tear in your eyes. I tell you, the path would just be 2 feet wide and still ten to fifteen cars would compete to get through first which would likely cause a humungous traffic which causes the locomotives to be stagnant for nearly an hour or even greater than that. Once I got struck in the traffic where I waited for a couple of hours reason for which was this narrow path where in everybody competed to go first. These Corporates are the largest contributors of highly unpredictable traffic in the city which demands a highly time conscious planning in case somebody goes out. I seriously do not understand the fact that their 18+ years of education did not contribute even the slightest of their common senses.
                        The Dictionary definition of dressing goes so: “To put on enough clothes covering oneself”. The term “enough” is often misinterpreted here. The dressing of people would become decent enough when this term “Enough” goes objective rather subjective. Anything you wear in Bangalore becomes trendy and fashionable and no matter how much of dress you wear. Ladies in IT go westernized as far as dressing is concerned. They dress themselves in all possible styles but the amount of body parts left uncovered would always be 40%. Majority of girls’ dresses in Bangalore starts from the point of intersection of the line which runs perpendicularly facing the ground for the next ten centimeters which many a times would remind me of their poor parents who would never ever imagined that their daughters would even think of wearing those. It is formals between Monday and Thursday and casuals on Friday and this is how most of the companies work. Even during the peak weekdays women here prefer wearing sleeveless, denim, miniskirts and tight tees and Friday gets even more worsen. On Friday it is like a holiday to their shame. At least 80% of the women here come half exposed. The fact is that there are only a handful of people who come properly and tidily dressed. But ad mist the BRIGHT, the DARK always dominates.

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