Monday 23 January 2012

buzz - 2

          (Journey Continues…..) Entering the bathroom, I found the sanitary closets very neat and decent. Enjoying hot water bath on a Bangalore climate is always an ecstatic pleasure. It has been an hour since I went inside the bathroom and my mom started shouting and banging the bathroom doors. Putting an end to an hour’s bath and not able to bear my mom’s denounce I came out of the bathroom unenthusiastically. Dressing me up, we started to my aunt’s place in the same car after having our breakfast at the same place where we stayed.
          My aunt stayed at a place called “MURUGESH PALYA”. This place is approximately 10 kilo meters from this hotel. The driver having started his car, the first thing he encountered was the RED light in the nearest traffic signal. Having left out with no other options, the driver joined the long queue of people who had only heads and no brains. The signal made us wait for nearly a minute. I casually grabbed a look to find what is on around me. IT people thronging the AC buses, students racing their bikes, the ordinary government bus emanating smoke more than what a factory chimney does, the road-side shop keepers preparing themselves for the day’s living and beggars whiling their time out. I learnt from all these scenes that this place is as busy as any place in India. The wait came to an end with the red light of the signal turning green. The driver guided the car through the intolerable traffic to the needed destination.
          The first thing that caught the glimpse of my eyes were the Branded shops and super markets that surrounded the place leaving people puzzled as to where and what is to be purchased. Trust me guys, MARATHAHALLI has got largest collections of all textile and all footwear brands that exists reasonably good. This is a kind of area where people can buy stuffs ranging from 10rs to 100000rs of respective mould. The car neared the tail end of the market lane down MARATHAHALLI and I turned back to take a look at the length that the market ran for. That very picture left me amused as it ran for about a couple of kilo meters.
          Crossing by MARATHAHALLI the next thing that waited to get kissed by my eyes is the Old Airport Road that connects MARATHAHALLI with Bangalore Proper. This road gifts you with sheer pleasure of driving along except for the intolerable traffic congestion. People when you get a chance don’t miss out this stretch. A Couple of kilo meters from MARATHAHALLI lead to the Prestigious HINDUSTHAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED (HAL). This place is always busy testing flights, gliders, helicopters and other aero bodies, which contribute greatly to “THE NOISY AND BUSY MARATHAHALLI”.
          The territory of MURUGESHPALYA started off with a gigantic mall called the TOTAL MALL. I found only a handful of people doing all the shopping and the rest doing all the seeing which is very pre-dominant in many parts of the city ([: P]). Crossing by the mall, the very next buildings I encountered was the PIZZA HUT shop and the DOMINOS pizza shop which defined the BANGALORE LAZINESS. These places were crowded more than a class V in quite a famous school would be. This very view did not surprise me a lot for I already knew that these kinds of hi-fi cosmopolitans are highly adultered as people always prefer LAZINESS TO LUXURY which many a times are misinterpreted.
          My aunt’s house was situated on a perpendicular road that connected the peripheral parts of the locality with the main road. The area was breath taking. It had trees all along the roads, vegetable markets, grocery shops, spa, salon, hospital, restaurant, school which I felt apt for a perfect life style. One of the side lanes led us to a meadow where my aunt resided. The apartment was humungous, calm, serene, exuberant and lovely. This very apartment stole all my attention that I lost in it and took a long time to come out of its impact. Stepping into my aunt’s house I found the interior to be exotic as well. I had a skim at all rooms which were spread along a lavish area. Before catching up a quick chat with all my family members, I took a look at the rear side of the building from the balcony that caught everybody’s attention.
          The very picture I saw kindled a kind of anger in me. Yes, what I saw was a SLUM where people failed to meet at even the basic requisite of living. Children standing bare left aloof, playing on the dirt and mud, women contributing the long queues for potable water, men sitting doing nothing showing no signs of improvement on their plights and that is where I thought “ONLY THE COST OF LIVING HAS IMPROVED AND NOT THE STANDARDS”. Registering this pity scene on my mind I proceeded towards my family members to catch up a little chat of all the recent past events that flashed through the life span.

          Having enjoyed the splendid hospitality of my aunt, we started for a place called “LAL BAGH”. Though this splendiferous garden is a ten kilo meter away from here, it took one and a half hour for us to reach there. Driving through the roads of Bangalore is more a test for the temperament you possess. We reached the destination, parked the car and the very panorama that struck my eyes struck through my eye brows. What could it be?!? …. Keep guessing as the journey will continue…

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  1. "government bus emanating smoke more than what a factory chimney does"-loved tat part:)Writings so true about blore:)Good one:)