Thursday, 19 January 2012


             “ANAITHUKO  NAMASKARA”   (Guess what? it has got close relation with the topography that I had intended to speak about in this post).  Before I get into talking all that I have for you guys, I would like to go forth with a broad smile and thank every one of you who are always ready to spend your valuable time reading all my nonsense. Indeed, you are all the spine of this blog and I start this post with an earnest announcement of entertaining you to the extent possible in all my forth coming posts. Thank you for all the support rendered at your end and always seeking a continued patronage.
          (Sshh!! Back to the topic)   A couple of days back I started reviewing my blog so as to spot some of the errors that I could avoid in my future posts, I found the posts to resemble a PERSONAL LETTER to all my dear ones and so I thought of touching up on topics that could earn me some of more outsiders (readers) without restricting the posts amongst the writer and the intended or portrayed character. Having decided to go in for a topic of general interest, the first thing that struck my mind was to take you guys through the lanes of the place where I earn my living.
          Receiving my offer letter towards the tail end of August, 2011, I learnt that I had been posted in Bangalore (the silicon valley of south) where I had to stay and serve the organization. Mixed emotions ruled the entire body. Was HAPPY that I am going to a place from where my parents’ place is easily accessible with, was SAD that I need to depart my parents within a short span of time, was FRUSTRATED that the firm gave me only a meager time for me to relocate leaving behind my accommodation details clueless. To my surprise, HAPPINESS always dominated in me for no reason and found that it was due to the kind of option I was blessed with. Yes all the credit goes to BANGALORE, the much hyped, the much dreamt, the much valued, the much respected city of INDIA. As soon as I realized that my near future is to be spent in Bangalore, I picturized Bangalore like how a perennial part of BRAZIL would look like. With much expectation as that of a Debutant Software Engineer I headed for “The Garden City- BANGALORE, the now BENGALURU”. That entire night Bangalore ran across the entire cells of my neuron flashing ecstasy all over.
          Getting my tickets booked well in advance, packing all the requisites and basic amenities, I started for Bangalore in a Private Travel Service. My shoes kissed the speck of dusts on the Bangalore soils on the dawn of 15th September, 2011, the most memorable day which saw my maiden trip to Bangalore. As soon as I landed on the BENGALURU sand I realized I saw only the “***” in BRAZIL ahead of me and found the “ZIL” in “BRAZIL” sinking [: P]. I got down at a place called “KALAASIPALAYAM” which serves as a depot for almost all the leading Private Travel Services. Thankfully, my dad had a cab booked well in advance for picking us up to a hotel from this very place that avoided the necessity of bargaining to SENSELESS auto drivers in the city who demanded almost 0.01% of an average monthly salary of an IT employee for riding you through the nasty roads of the city less than a kilometer.
          The cab driver was so nice to us and he threw some light on the topography of the city from a very broader perspective. It was nearly a 25 km journey from “KALAASIPALAYAM” to the hotel “SHANTHI SAGAR” which was located by a place called “MARATHAHALLI”. This place is considered the medial for four different places called “WHITE FIELD, SILKBOARD, HEBBAL, MG ROAD” as it has got all the necessary facilities of getting to all the above mentioned places in a jiffy. Trust me the moment I got to see the place, for a while I thought this was one calm, neat, serene place to live in (Note: the clock ticked half past six the very moment).  We stepped into the Hotel room and shred all the baggage down and started relaxing a while. Done with a nap, I was instructed to take bath and get ready to make it to my aunt’s place as we had already fixed an appointment to meet her the very day we land there. Reluctantly, I drew the towel out of the draw and thought of having a casual peep through the hotel window and was taken aback for the sight I saw(Note: the clock ticked half past eight). The road was jam packed with all possible mode of transportation that existed on earth except the non-feasible trains, flights, ships on roads. The pedestrians were left with no space to cross the ever-busy roads of the junction. As soon as the traffic signal was released all the vehiclists raced the vehicles towards their respective destinations as if they are going to be gifted with BAGS OF MONEY for whoever makes it first. Of the race, the Government belonged BMTC Volvo AC bus wins, emanating “DEATH ANGELS” threat among all other competitors. That bus does not carry a gear and so the drivers drive those buses with at most ease like they driving a SCOOTY (moped, without gear mechanism).
          My mom shouted, “Late Ayrum da , Kelambu”(Start now or else things will be delayed). Carrying this disappointing scene with me, I entered the bathroom to have a dip.
                   Watch out this space to learn more about BANGALORE and the living style here. Journey to be conitued…..


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