Tuesday 2 October 2012

Movie Review - Thaandavam

                                                        It was the Saturday night when I with seven other friends of mine had a brief walk on foot to the near-by multiplex to check out the latest flick of one of the most prominent and talented south Indian cine star “Vikram”. Bearing the name “Thaandavam”, it was very evident that this would be one among many Tamil movies where Revenge would take the center stage. Sathish fetched us the tickets standing in quite a longer queue and we decided to walk into the respective screen as soon as we got the tickets in our hand. We literally ran into screen without being able to hide the expectations for this much expected south Indian flick. We were the first groups to enter the screen and we got settled on the seats comfortably. The movie certificate flashed the screens right away without giving the news reels and the advertisements a chance.  
                                                As soon as the certificate hit the screen, the crowd went berserk and started shouting their favorite star’s name. The title block paved way for the sub-sequent scenes which portrayed a bird’s eye view of London. The movie started with elaborating serial bomb blasts across the cross sections of London. As soon as this frame comes to an end, the director takes us a year back to let us know what exactly happened. Subsequently, Santhanam makes his presence as a local taxi driver and tries to convince the audience with his poor possible jokes. Santhanam meets Vikram during one of his return trips and offers him a place inside the car where the first murder by Vickram comes into picture in a classic style which goes on to four or five murders as time goes by. As time goes by we learn that Vickram is named “Kenny” in the movie, a bomb blast victim who lost his eyes and works in a church as a piano player. Moments later, gorgeous Amy occupies the screen with a peppy number where she does only the walking and not the dancing. Amy looked amazingly cute with any kind of attire she was in with.
                                                The movie rolls on to show that Amy falls in love with Kenny and later at one point in time discovers what really had happened to Kenny. The “Kenny” in the movie was originally called the “Shiva Kumar”, an IPS officer who lives by his values. He is forcefully made to marry Anushka, an eye doctor and later falls in love with her. Vikram and Jagapathi babu are being portrayed as two close friends who value relationship more than anything else. Vikram is being sent to London off for a mission to stop a deadly weapon disseminating across the globe which can turn disastrously dangerous and that is where he comes to know that even his kith and kin had betrayed him. Jagapathi babu turns Vikram’s foe. Vikram tries his possible luck to ensure things do not go out of control but fails miserably as series of bomb blasts across London due to this weapon. The sad part is that Anushka loses her life in the blast and Vikram loses his vision. The tail end of the movie revolves around the incidents that bought Lakshmi Rai and company into the picture and how Vikram takes a revenge on his kin.
                                                The running time of the movie would have easily exceeded two hour and forty minutes which has been very recently trimmed. The director made an exquisite use of Vikram for narrating such a good story with full twists and twirls. Vikram’s performance was flawless. He had done an excellent job as a blind personality and his efforts are very evident in the movie as it grows onto you. Vikram underwent special classes for “Echo-Location” so as to sound natural in the character he plays which deserves a special laud. Vikram’s costumes are apt. At this juncture, I would like to applaud Vikram for the kind of physique he bore for this movie. I would rate Vikram an 8.5 on a scale of ten for such a formidable performance in the movie.
                                                Amy Jackson comes into picture very often. She comes as a model who tries to make Vikram fall for her. I felt Amy has got no bigger role to play other than looking beautiful in the movie which she naturally is and so she would score a decent mark in the movie. Anushka who marks her presence a bit late after the movie started, scores full marks for her performance. She looks so cute and she makes the audience raise their brows for her. She looked awesome in the movie and does a commanding performance in acting as well.
                                                Music is not worth a mention. Only a couple of songs seemed catchy saw many go out of the screens for a smoke during the songs. The background score was reasonably good. G.V. Prakash can do a lot and this is not is what is being expected out of him as he is so good at ripping few from western music. The camera is amazingly good. It has portrayed the beauty of London in more than ways possible. Comedy did not work a lot out. I felt comedy track was too disjoint from the main track and is forced at very many places. They have literally dumped the comedy sequences into the script wherever that luxury is never a necessity.
                                                The casting seemed perfect for the movie and everybody lived up to the expectations. The movie had very many actors who can take the movie to the next level of which some include Vikram, anushka, amy, jagapathi babu, saranya, santhanam, etc. Costumes were neatly designed and crafted.
                                                The first half of the movie was quite dragging and the second half of the movie was a racy entertainer but nevertheless an unfruitful attempt. I would say A.L.Vijay’s career growth is elevating to greater heights with such kind of a sincere and earnest attempt. I would always say that this is one kind of a movie and should not be missed by any of those due to inappropriate critics. Priorities and preferences differ from person to person and so you can always check this movie out in theaters before you spread a word about this movie. Personally asking I would always suggest you this movie with no hesitation.

VERDICT: One kind of a movie with lots of twists and twirls and is worth a watch. Recommended.

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  1. good review da :) i watched the movie either.... i wudn't recommend this movie after bein watched :D, VIJAY'S career growth is elevating ?! really ?! he s such a copycat da... his cast selection molds all his mistakes... his scripts may be new and different to our indian ppl... but still they are modified hollywood scripts.... pls use ur brains kollywood directors..."unga moola la apdiyae freshhhhhhhh ah thaana iruku ?!" :D