Monday, 20 April 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani - Get Soaked in All Love

                                                                “My 50th post and I should make it in style” is the line that kept reverberating along the cross sections of my brain whenever I thought I should resume writing on my blog to keep it happening. Thought process ran amuck thinking what could possibly fit in as a part of this grand occasion. From deciding to write on famous personalities to stories to fiction, I settled in for writing about the much anticipated and hot sold cake of the K-town “OK Kanmani”.

                                                                From the day, the first look of the movie came with an art portraying, Dulquer and Nithya I thought Mani sir is going to be back but with a bang this time. Irrespective of somebody being a Mani sir fan or not being one, this movie is sure to bring all smiles in their faces for this movie is such a soothing poetry. It has been more than a decade after which a nice breezy romantic and elegant flick left us all with such a lovely touch.  

                                                                Contemporary love being taken up as a matter of show;                  the all well-versed “Old-Fashioned” story telling exemplary Mani sir renders a phenomenal product that leaves the audience stunned and asking for more. 

                                                                “Like this movie is a live capture of dialogues from people who were casted in, this blog is a live capture without an edit and goes on my site directly from the Blogger’s text editor”


                                                                “For the true feelings of love; marriage gives life”

                                                          The movie starts with introducing hero elegantly who gets out of the train to find the heroine about to jump into another moving train on the opposite direction. The hero happens to meet this lady again in an important occasion and gets along her somehow; and that is where the movie takes off at a lovely pace. They spend few of rest of the days to only understand that they both do not like getting married to somebody and they only like to enjoy their lives being single. These people based out of Mumbai, lives in the shadow of Bhavani and Ganapathy  who got married after loving each other so madly. Ganapathy looks after Bhavani like his baby and that slowly inspires this couple to fall in love with each other.

                                                                Adhi and Tara, the lead characters slowly start melting for each other after spending few days living-in at Ganapathy’s place and at some point in time they realise that they cannot live without the other person’s company. Towards the climax, they are forced to decide what comes in life first; their career or their love life and their decision is what is told the 135 minutes odd with a super class story narration that leaves the audience astounded. 

                                                                Dulquer Salmaan as Adhi and Nithya Menon as Tara rock the screen with their oozing chemistry. They fill the entire space with all joy and love, making the movie looks fresh and adorable. Prakash Raj as Ganapathy and Leela Samson as Bhavani fill the entire space with charm and innocent love. The whole of the story revolves around the four and has been etched in a way nothing lesser than sheer brilliance.

                                                                Dulquer, steps down from the train in the opening frame and girls in the theatre losing their minds for him and that is how much handsome he looks in the movie. The young lad looks too handsome, smart, ravishing and all apt to take the movie to the next heights. Dulquer as Adhi convinces people of his acting abilities and takes that extra mile to soak audience in his all charm. The way he carries himself through-out the movie with sheer ability and passion is much visible and he has done a great job of carrying the movie all the way on his shoulders. He has played his part to perfection to an extent that my mind can think of nobody else better in his place.

                                                                Nithya Menon, doesn’t just have to look good in the movie but also has to take the movie forward equally alongside the hero which she does it to ultimate perfection. Nithya look ravishingly hot, cute, bubbly and super sexy with the way she expresses herself out in the movie. Dialogue deliveries were on the dot with cute Tamil from all over her lips. She looks as pretty as a doll that keeps running all across the frames captivating all the audience attention. Nithya Menon in the movie is a superb choice and she is irreplaceable.

                                                         Mani puts the camera around them and captured everything that'll make the audience fall in love with the pair. Dulquer is at ease, speaking his lines in Tamil; he looked most suitable in the role. It is Nitya who steals the show hands down. It's impossible to not fall in love with her, even if you don't with the movie. The fact that the story is set in Mumbai, and all the characters speak their lines in Tamil really worked in favour of the film.

                                                                Prakash Raj and Leela Samson have got something considerable to do in the movie. They convince the audience of the fact that love can never get older and could only keep increasing days after days. They take the responsibility up of telling the contemporary generation as to what is good and what is bad. They are a perfect choice and I would rate a 5 on 5 for the casting and crew. Mani sir nailed it with the cast.

                                                                Musical story telling is what I would call this movie as. If story telling is the body; music is the soul and nevertheless to say about A.R.Rahman who leaves everybody spell-bound at the end of the movie. Soul stirring is the word to describe the songs that occurs at regular time intervals. Movies after movies ARR is trying to become the best only by over-coming his own works as nobody could get closer. Background music takes the movie to the next level altogether. ARR proves once again as to why he is called a Genius. 

                                                                Tracks like “Chinnanjiru Chinnanjiru Ragasiyame”, “Naane varugiren” leave you dumb-struck failing to realise what good music could do to us. These tracks just crush your heart from inside and let you soak in all love and harmony.

                                                                “Professionally Charismatic” Sreeram is how I would like to abbreviate him. His vision through the lens is just mind-boggling. The way he portrays everything almost leaves us stunned and shocked. Mumbai city has never been shown this beautiful in any of the movies that I saw off-late ever. He makes us realise every time that even India has such exotic locations and that we never saw them from an artistic angle. He let his cameras speak volumes about love and lust from the way he portrays stuffs. Visuals are just stunning and only next to brilliance. The friendship that PC shares with Mani is so evident on the screen, such an effortless work and artistic touch. Watching the world from PC’s camera is such a visual delight!!

VERDICT: Dulquer is the new Maddy in town and OKK is the new Alaipaayuthe !!
RATING: 4 / 5


  1. Well, this is excellent. I mean I havent watched the movie yet. But you have made us feel about what it is called 'essence' of the movie. Words are brilliantly framed to describe how charming the movie would look like. Applause for the attention to detail for not getting deep into the plot. Kudos for the future posts of the blog.

    1. I know i am a little late....
      thanks a lot for such a comment !!

  2. Good review and wonderful narration.. Simply superb!!