Sunday, 18 November 2012

Re-United, But......

                                       Janani’s nights were characterized by wet pillow, reddish swollen eyes, sleepless nights and haunting dreams until she got that piece of letter the same night. As she was lying sleepless on her couch dreaming of her husband who had kissed her goodbye exactly a year back, she sensed some sound caused by an external factor against her glossy windows. She was panic-struck as she heard the same sound striking the window a couple more times. She hesitantly moved towards the window ensuring that she held a weapon in her hand to attack any being that might cause her harm.  A hand peeped in dropping a piece of paper as soon as she opened the window so as to find out what exactly caused the sound and slipped out of Janani’s hands as she tried catching it from inside. The letter read,

            Dear Janani,
                        You had always been an awesome better half of mine and a wonderful woman on earth. You had loved me, cuddled me, hugged me and cared for me like no others did. You had always stood by my side whenever I needed strength. You had always lent your shoulders whenever I needed them badly. You were my greatest piece of inspiration. You always had been a best mom on this planet for my children. You always made the family a better place to live in. Your chest had always been my safest place on earth and above all you always had looked after me like your son.

                        I am a fool to have left a woman behind like this aloof. I know it had been so long that I have not seen your face. I apologize for the times that I left you home alone and that I was not there for my children. Janani I am going to put an end to all this in some days. We will meet up at “Doshi Gardens” the coming Sunday sharp at 5PM.I would want you to come alone. Please do bear with me for some more days.
                                                                                                Major. Jagdish 

       Janani read the whole letter with at most happiness and held it tightest near her bosom. She did not know what to do and her happiness knew no bounds. She wanted to shout on top of her voice to inform everybody that her husband is still alive serving the country, who was believed to have decomposed under the soil a way back as he did not return back from a secret army mission.

                        Janani spread the smile all over and thought what needs to be done next. She sat calm resting her back on the wall and decided to take the help of Jagdish’s colleague Mr. Jaspal Singh who as well works for the Indian Army. She called him and told all that happened few moments back. Jaspal lent his ears to all that Janani told, promised her that he would accompany her and devised her plans for Sunday.

                        Jaspal knew that Jagdish was on a secret mission and so he decided to take a group of Jawans with him so as to prevent any kind of wrong from happening. Everything was set right by Jaspal and the same was communicated to Janani so as to give her innate confidence and boost up.


                        Janani was so excited and extremely enthusiastic for the fact that she was going to meet her long awaited husband who went missing for more than a year. She dressed herself up in one of his favourite choices of Saree and looked gorgeously awesome as all of her worries and grieves are going to come to an end with this meet. She was glowing in the attire. Janani was accompanied by Jaspal Singh and six other army jawans so as to keep things right and intact.

                        They arrived at the venue before time and found the place to be exactly opposite of the name it bore. This construction was located at the outskirts of the city and had very limited human access. It was a very huge construction that had about eight storeys which was incomplete and had been stopped due to a problem among the contractors. This was one of biggest constructions of the city that was left incomplete for ages now. People even suspected illegal activities to happen as there was hardly anybody.  

                        Janani wore a panic look as she began steeping into the arena. She gulped as and when she put a step forward. Jaspal Singh asked her to proceed as per the plan and told that they would stand hidden behind the pillars so as to prevent any kind of wrong happenings. Jaspal Singh idea was to prevent them from any kind of terrorist attack on the couple as Jagdish was on a secret mission. He was of a thought that the terrorists might track Jagdish’s move and might attack him and so he had come with a battalion.

                        Janani entered the seventh floor after scrutinising all the six floors with overwhelming curiosity to take a look at her husband. She could see nobody as she approached the middle of the floor. She carefully looked in all possible directions so as to spot her husband out. Skimming through all the pillars, she found a body obstructing the sun rays from entering the site and causing a shadow on the floor. She could make out from the physique of the shadow that it was her husband and she started running towards the pillar. Hearing the melodies from her anklet Jagdish ran towards her revealing himself from behind the pillar. Janani could not control her tears and she pounced on him without being able to control her love for him. They both hugged each other so tightly that even air couldn’t pass through the gap. They exchanged naughty pats and kisses before they started speaking anything.

                        Meanwhile, Jaspal set his force ready to face any kind of attacks on them. The jawans positioned themselves each in a floor spying all possible directions to prevent something wrong from happening. A bullet from nowhere penetrated the obstacle to hit right shoulders of Jagdish. Bullet penetrated his flesh and caused constant egress of blood from his body. He pushed Janani behind the near-by pillar so as to protect her from the attacks. Badly bleeding Jagdish started firing back at the terrorists who came into the floor from nowhere. He shot a couple of terrorist right on their foreheads with at most accuracy while the jawans rushed to the floor hearing the gun shots. Both the terrorists and the jawans exchanged fires and finally the jawans put an end to four more terrorists while only one was left out.

                        The loner of the terrorists hid himself somewhere so as to make the jawans look out for him. A section of the jawans helped Jagdish with his first aid while the others actually looked out for him. In no time, Jagdish recovered from his pain realizing that he has got the responsibility to show the terrorist the way to hell. Jagdish started operating with other jawans while Janani was eyeing the whole scene from behind the same pillar. Search went on to about ten more minutes and when Jagdish dint find anybody there, decided to take Janani out of this building safe. He held her wrist tight and pulled her out of her position and started running towards the exit pointing the gun in all possible directions.

                        A bullet from nowhere stuck right between Jagdish’s brows and he was thrown few metres back dead. Janani saw all these with her eyes wide open and fainted at the same place keeping holding his hands tighter. The jawans finally spotted, shot the loner and paid deepest condolence to one of the most inevitable personalities of the Indian Army Major.Jagdish because of whom the mission came to an end despite a disastrous loss to the society.

                        Major.Jagdish emerged an icon for his immense dedication and solidarity. For Jagdish always the country stood well ahead of his family.  His wife set his body on fire and began leading her normal routine with all his memories. Deep inside her heart she always felt proud for her husband without whom many an appointment for terrorists to hell would not have been fixed. 

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