Tuesday 4 December 2012


                                              Jonathan, 28 years of age, serves a private consultancy as one of the senior most consultant of the team with five years of work experience. People always have good things to talk about this guy at work and is known for his dedication, sincerity and hard work he utters towards his work. Clients are so convinced with the quality of consulting he provides and is so happy the way he worked for the company. Kissing good bye to his dear wife Linda, he starts to office by about 9 in the morning and comes back home only by about 11 in the night. Jonathan and Linda entered into a wed-lock a year ago as a result of their indispensible love for each other even from their college times. Workaholic though, Jonathan never fails calling Linda every hour asking her well-about and where-about. Jonathan loved Linda as much as anybody could imagine.

                                                27th of February started like any other day for the couple-busy, romantic and hectic. Jonathan started to office a bit late as Linda was not feeling well the same day. He hugged her and left for his office by around 10.30AM after doing the requisites for that of a sick woman. Jonathan was a bit gloomy at work as his brain did not even attempt to think beyond his sick wife who needs his presence by her side. He had to come to office as he had a very important meeting at 6.30PM with the board of directors. Jonathan spent the whole of his day time pondering over his sick wife, calling her every now and then and worrying about her pink of health.

                                                It was quarter past six when Jonathan got ready for his meeting and tried calling Linda the last time before the meeting started. Linda told him to concentrate on the meeting without having to worry about her health and hung the phone down. Meeting lasted for about an hour. The clock ticked half past seven and Jonathan’s iPhone saw a call from Linda. He could see that she was calling him, but couldn’t attend the call as he was in the meeting. Ten minutes after the previous call suppressed, Linda’s name flashed twice more indicating an incoming call from her end. Jonathan constantly stared at the iPhone and could not do much as he was help up in the meeting. 7:40PM, 7:42PM, 7:44PM, 7:46PM saw continuous calls from Linda for which Jonathan was completely helpless. Jonathan murmured, “Sorry, Linda please forgive me, I am not able to pick the call up in spite of knowing that you need me badly. Linda, please give me about five minutes, Please don’t be let down Linda, and I am here for you. Please just five more minutes, Linda Please, Don’t give up Linda please. ”

                                                The meeting got over and Jonathan ran towards the nearest egress to pick the call from one of the sweetest person on earth.

                Jonathan: “Linda, Linda, Linda, I am here I am here baby. Don’t worry. I am back baby. Don’t panic. What happened?"

                Linda: “Darling…. Darling” shouted a panicky voice and Jonathan heard teen teen teen from the phone….. The phone hung down

                Jonathan tried calling Linda five more times but heard the same panic stricken, frightened and terrified voice.

                Jonathan rushed to his car and while on the way tried calling Linda several number of times. For the first few attempts he could hear the same voice that was heard minutes back and for the next few attempts Jonathan heard, “The customer you are trying to reach is currently not reachable”.

                                                Jonathan could experience the adrenaline rush and started driving the car like never before. He overtook almost all the vehicles on the road, took clumsy turns, and never took his leg from the accelerator leaving everybody on the road fear-stricken. He did not slow the car down for any speed-breakers rather broke all rules on road. A lengthy nasty drive finally came to an end with Jonathan reaching his place. She opened the doors of the car and ran towards the entrance without even shutting it back. The door was open and there were no lights on the hall room.

                                                The hall room was completely dark and deserted that Jonathan could not even spot anything. He used his phone to throw some light on the floors to set things right. He helped himself switching the hall room light and simultaneously when the light went on somebody hugged him from his back and it was undoubtedly none other than Linda. Linda hugged him from the back and wished him a happy anniversary. Jonathan could not take this as he was expecting something working to have happened at home. He finally realized that it was a prank played by Linda and hugged her tightly and kissed her saying “Darling, I love you so much”.

                                                She held a knife in her hand asking him to cut the cake marking this memorable occasion. They both held their hands and cut the cake exchanging it with each other.

            The cake read, “The day is here again, I can’t remember every moment of that day, but I could remember when I first looked at your eyes. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!” and bore their marriage photo.

                                    Jonathan could not stop tearing and gave her one warm tight hug before they joined for a dinner at one of the City’s largest star hotels. The curtains were brought down for the day with a romantic candle light dinner and precious gifts.

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